Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day!

Hope no one plays a prank on you this April Fool's Day!!


I can certainly relate to Maxine on this one. There is one stretch of road that I travel on quite a bit and it's rough as a cob. If nothing is coming in the other lane I usually drive on the wrong side of the road, but it's rare that I get to do that, since it's fairly busy in that section. They bury the sewer lines underneath the road in some parts and that's what they did in that section. They bury them beside the road (in the edge of lawns) in most places, but in that one stretch they didn't. They also did it on another street just parallel to that one but you can pretty well straddle that one with your tires as you drive down it and it's not so rough. I'll be real happy when they repave that one area. I'm sure there will be many to share that joy, especially the people that live through there. The houses are close to the road (which may be why they didn't bury the lines under their lawns), and the dust really covers everything. Some people like me drive very slow through there trying to dodge any potholes they can, and then there are others that fly even with the huge potholes, and the dust is everywhere. The houses and vehicles parked there are covered with it.

I'm writing this very early in the morning...at almost 3 a.m. to be exact. Why am I up at such an hour? Good question with no good answer really. So goodnight...or good morning...whichever the case may be!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunday Signs And........

It rained last night and today it is windy and chilly. It's a good day for staying inside and relaxing or taking a nap. I'm all in favor of the latter!

I'm not a big basketball fan, but the University of KY fired Head Coach Billy Gillispie only after 2 years. Now I know everyone wants the KY Wildcats to always win the NCAA tournament or at least get into it, but sometimes it just doesn't happen, and I think 2 years is rushing it for a coach to turn things around.

This is the first time they have missed getting into the NCAA tournament since 1991. I guess that was more than KY could stand. The thing that gets me is this;

he was being paid 2.3 million annually and,
there was apparently an understanding of 6 million more,
but Gillispie never officially signed the contract so they don't think he'll get that much,
although I'm sure he'll try to get all he can,
and with the economy the way it is I guess some things just have to go on no matter what?

I don't know, but I guess other college's do this same thing? They all want to win, but they sure pay a high price for these coaches. I wonder what the president of the University makes? I'm sure it's nowhere near 2.3 million annually. Somehow that just doesn't seem right that a coach makes so much money. What are your thoughts on this subject?


Friday, March 27, 2009

Show and Tell

Okay, here's my cake I did for the 3rd course. I was pleased with how it turned out.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring has Sprung Doo Da, and Sunday Sign

First of all let me say "Thank ya, Thank ya, Thank ya," (like Gomer Pyle would say it) to everyone who comes along and reads my blog and leaves comments. I do appreciate it kindly. I know that I am sometimes -- okay! -- OFTEN!! -- lax in getting around to reading everyone's blogs and catching up. Really that is a bad thing because someone could die and be buried and I wouldn't even know it until long after the fact. You all know that blog friends are good friends and you grow quite attached to them. So I'm going to try and do better!

Spring is here. Spring is here. Doo Da! Doo Da! It's 70 today and sunny. Now that is wonderful weather and good enough for anyone! Time to start the spring cleaning this week. I'll have to attack the dust. I think all the dust in Kentucky comes to my house. It sure seems that way sometimes. Then it keeps coming back! What's up with that? No matter how unwelcome I make it feel it continues to come back and bring more dust with it. Those dust bunnies especially seem to gather and run amok under the bed!

I have been busy this week. As
Cliff would say, "I've been busier than a one armed paper hanger." Along with the continuing cake decorating classes I took a class learning how to make Panoramic Sugar Eggs. In case you don't know what that is, here's one I found online. They are cute and kids would love them. They are made from hardened sugar and water. Then you decorate inside with little critters and flowers and such and glue them together with your royal icing and decorate them with more royal icing. It all gets hard as a rock and will last for years and years as long as you don't get it wet, eat it, drop it, or let the sugar ants find it! I made one but mine is not this pretty I'm afraid. I left mine there to dry and will pick it up on Thursday. Later on I'll take a picture of mine for show and tell. How's that? :)

Tomorrow I'm taking a class on time management. That one I need more than anything I think. It seems like I never have enough time to do all the things I want to fit in, so maybe this will give me some insight into how to manage things better. This is just a one time class so how much can I really learn in an hour and a half anyway??

I am still taking the watercolor painting classes and they are fun. So far I don't have a picture to show you but I'm working on one! The first class she had us drawing and painting fish. My fish did look somewhat strange but you could tell that they were fish, so I thought that was pretty good!! I do enjoy it.....more than the cake decorating! I had to miss cake decorating this past Thursday night due to my husband being badly confused. Thankfully he is back to normal now. You do what you have to do though.
Ah..the start of another week. I hope it's wonderful for everyone out there in Bloggyville!!

Sunday Sign
(sent to me by
Ralph.) Thank ye kindly Ralph!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Sign Plus

This afternoon I went to see these guys. They are called the Moron Brothers. They were playing at an old school about 2 miles from here. They are not actually brothers and they do a routine that has singing, picking, and comedy. I laughed at them so much my jaws were hurting!! I truly enjoyed it! I took this photo from their website, and this picture was taken when they were playing at Renfro Valley last year. I got a bargain by seeing them here since Renfro Valley is kind of pricey. I paid $5 today and took some canned goods for God's Food Pantry to get in. A true bargain for so much funny entertainment. They write a lot of their songs and some are funny and some are very serious.

We ended up getting about 4 inches of snow the other night and it was perfect for making snow-people. They had leaves and bits of grass all in them, but I made 3 adult snow-people and 2 smaller snow-people! It was a beautiful snow and so pretty sticking to all the trees. The rain came and the snow went.

This next picture I took at night after the rain had been pouring down. My snow-people were melting away. Look at those tiny heads!! If you look at the one on the left and see that yellow stain at the bottom.....yeah...the dog paid that one a visit! The one on the right is leaning back saying, "Hey man! What's that smell?"

I do hope everyone had a better-than-great weekend!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Howdy Friends!!!

Earlier in the week it was in the 70's and so nice. You can see these guys fishing down below us in the lake. They were taking advantage of this nice weather. Whether they caught any fish or not is another question, but it was sure a nice day to be outside in the sunshine enjoying it, and the lake was a nice choice I'm sure.

We got some of this white stuff with sleet mixed in and the cake decorating class was cancelled tonight. I was disappointed and since I had worked hard last night to get everything ready, I decided to go ahead and fix the cake like we would have been doing in class tonight.

Here's the cake! Butter pecan. My husband and I both declared it to be quite delicious! It was a learning experience to decorate this one but I was happy with how it turned out overall.

I got these pictures ready to post earlier and now that I'm getting this posted it has snowed over 2 inches. It's a beautiful night out and so bright that you could easily drive without your headlights on (but I wouldn't recommend it)! It's so pretty with the snow clinging to the trees and covering everything. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 40's so this snow won't last long. Typical March weather!!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday Sign and More!!

At this time last year my friend from England was here visiting. I think it's time she came back to visit again! I truly enjoyed her visit! Here she is at the Harbour Restaurant which overlooks the lake and is at Lee's Ford Marina.

This picture was taken last year when the flowers were blooming and this is where I live. Home sweet home, our log cabin!!

Sunday Sign (Thanks Ralph!)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Excitement and Other Things

Yesterday I got my hair cut. I mean really cut. It had grown long and was below my shoulders. Now it's just touching my ears. It does feel better and is so much easier to take care of short, so I'm pleased with it. I took a picture with me of the hairstyle I wanted to the hairdresser. It was some longer than this cut she gave me. She glanced at it and said, "Oh that will be so cute!!' She never looked at it again and proceeded to scalp me. But that's okay. It will grow and be at that length in a couple of months. One thing about hair is that it will grow back.

I had posted earlier that I was going to take a drawing class. I had wanted to take a watercolor painting class but it was full so I was going to take the drawing class instead. I just got a call a few minutes ago and they have one more spot in the watercolor class to fill and I was offered it. I said YES! Yippee!! I'm so excited!! I'm sure glad I hadn't already gone out and bought the supplies I needed for the art class, since I can't take them both. This one will start next week and I'm so excited!! Did I mention that I'm excited?? We are supposed to paint two pictures in this class. I hope I can do it and turn out something halfway decent anyway. I'd hate for all this excitement to go to waste!

I saw this sign Thursday and thought it was a good reminder to post on here since this weekend we change our clocks up. It's time to spring forward, so don't forget!!

Oh, and I hope everyone has a better-than-great weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Are You Tired of Cake??

Here is another cake for your viewing pleasure. No, I didn't make it. My nephew's wife did. Told you all she was talented at this. I think this snowman is so cute! I think she made this one in January.

It's amazing what they can do with cakes these days. There are so many tools, pans, and gadgets you can get. You can use fondant or make gumpaste flowers, and it just goes on and on as to how creative you want to be. Lots of work though. LOTS!
When I was a kid we never had fancy cakes like this. We had cake at times and it seemed my Mom could find something delicious to fix when there was nothing in the house to eat. She used to bake up soft cake-like cookies for us sometimes and they were so good. We didn't have treats all the time like we do now, so I guess that made them all the more special. Later on I remember this man came around and he had the back of his pickup truck loaded with cakes of all sorts. My Dad would buy a few off him and that was another treat. I have no idea where he got them. Maybe they were out of date or something, but if so, we couldn't tell the difference. He came around every now and then and my mouth started watering when I saw his truck turn up our lane. I was hoping that bed of his pickup would be full of cakes!
Today was so nice and warm....well warmer I should say. It was in the 50's and tomorrow will be in the 60's. It sure felt good after that cold weather we had over the weekend. It's feeling more like spring all the time. I hope it's warm in your neck of the woods too!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday Signs

It was COLD this morning. I went to church and didn't even wear a coat. I didn't notice it here but when I got out of the car that wind was blowing and I sure noticed it then! Made me wish I had worn my coat.

Sunday Signs
Today's Sunday Signs both have the theme of love. We could all use more of that! I hope everyone is having a 'better than great' Sunday!!

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