Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Drive In The Country

I took a drive recently and here are some pictures to share that I took. You can click on any to enlarge them.

Corn looks good.

A lovely view!

Wheat is looking great! They have had soybeans and corn here, but this year it's wheat!

A Ground Hog family enjoying some greens!

Raking hay.

Hay baled and put in a row.

More hay, and I love the lay of the land here wih the hills in the background. So pretty!

Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Turkey Lurky Visits and other Amusing Things

A couple of days ago I looked out and this turkey came walking out of the garage. She proceeded to walk slowly up the driveway making those turkey noises they make. I told her to come back and I would find food for her, but she ignored me and kept walking. Last I saw she was strolling through the neighbor's lawn. I have been outside and heard turkeys gobble before and I have seen them across the lake on the hillside, but this is the first one I've ever seen in our yard. She was all alone in her wanderings. 

Turkey Lurky!

We have been having some hot days now.  Each night I have a ritual of watering all my flowers. They sure dry out fast in this heat. I am NOT complaining; merely commenting! I do recall all those cold days of winter!

I was thinking about this and I thought it was funny and I still get tickled when I think about it. Here's the story. My sister in law and I e-mail each day. I normally send the e-mail to 2 cousins and two SIL's, and we just tell of the events of the day. Usually there isn't much to tell, especially for me. Anyway......one day in my SIL's e-mail she said, "Today I went to Roger." 
So I e-mailed her back and I said, "You went to Roger...and what did you and Roger do???"
She sent me an e-mail back and it was written in huge letters;


Well, I really had a chuckle over that and still do!!

I never rely on spell check unless I'm not sure of the spelling of a word. I worked in a doctor's office before and did all the transcription and letters, etc. I always proofread everything before I hit the print button.  At first the doctor would read the letters but then he just would sign them without reading them since he trusted me. I told him one day that he should read them because I might be telling the person that he was calling them a big jerk or something. He just grinned and kept signing. He said, "I know you'd never do that Rachel." 

I was told another story of a woman working in a doctor's office and she wrote out all the checks. She said the doctor would just sign them and never look at them, and this bothered her. So one day she put one in that was made out to herself so she could take it back to him and say, "TAH Da! See I told you that you should look at these before signing them!"  When she got it back in the pile he had signed that one "Santa Claus."
So obviously he was giving them a quick glance before signing them after all!!

I hope everyone is having a great week!!

Here's my late Sunday sign and I really like this one!!! Sorry it's a little lobsided.

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