Sunday, June 24, 2012

Random Things

"What'cha looking at? This happens to be a very comfortable position."

I had shown these pretty flowers I had found while walking the dog and had no idea what they are.  Mr. Bowles gave the closest thing to what they must be. He thought they were a Castor Bean Vine and would get bean like pods on them. He was right about that! I went back to where I got them and took some more photos.

Most of the blooms were gone but this is the vine and it does have some bean pods on it. Trying to figure it out, the closest thing I could find by Googling it, that looked like it, was a Hyacinth Bean Vine. I couldn't really find anything about a Castor Bean Vine.

In this next photo below you can see the bean pod on the vine. You should be able to click on the photos to get a better look, if you want to that is!

We have been having Bible School at church and we had a good crowd of kids each night with an average of 101. Kids enjoy coming to Bible School and I don't blame them. So many fun things to do and learn!

This year the theme was Babylon and below is the props they used in the sanctuary. They do so much work that I am amazed at what all they do and I admire them for it. All this below is hiding the choir area and the organ. To get to the organ she has to pass through that curtain on the right side. All of this is particle board with cloth that they painted over it. Not only this prop but they had several of the Sunday School rooms decorated to fit that time period as well. I did some of the helping with taking things down. Sure easier to take it down than to put it up! They start months ahead of time preparing.

Here's a little something that may make you smile!
(And yes....I have called wondering where my paper was on a day that we do not get one. Sigh.)

'Where Is My Paper?'

The irate customer calling the newspaper offices, loudly demanded to know where her Sunday edition was.

'Ma'am, said the employee, today is Saturday.The Sunday paper is not delivered 'til Sunday.'

There was quite a pause on the other end
of the phone, followed by a ray of recognition.

'So that's why no one was in church today.'


Hope everyone has a better than great week!!!

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