Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday Ramblings

I could not get to sleep last night. I was up and down. Finally went to bed around 3:30 a.m. Then my DH was awake early and calling for me (he is bedfast from 2 strokes). He was somewhat confused, thinking there was a horse in the house. I told him there was only one old nag, ME! He was not amused. He wanted me to bring him the blue and red things that were on the horse's halter. I explained to him that there was no horse in the house and he let it drop. Then he wanted food. He never normally eats that early. Now he has been dozing off and on. I normally go to church but I was reluctant to leave him this morning with him being a little confused.

Then a friend from church called to tell me that an elderly lady in our church had fallen last night and broke her hip. I sure hated to hear that. She is such a dear. We've kinda been expecting it since she is pretty unsteady, but usually she has someone holding onto her. At any rate, I hope she gets better and comes through okay with her recovery.

This past week I mowed the lawn for what will probably be the last time this year. I planted some spring bulbs. I noticed something had been digging where I had planted some of them! Squirrels maybe? I'm not sure. But they only messed with the one spot, so hopefully no damage done!

We had a little tree in the front yard that had died due to our drought this summer. I got the chainsaw out and cut it down. I hadn't used the chainsaw in a long time but it fired right up! That's the kind of things I like, the kind that start well and run well! I had a weedeater once and it was the "Weedeater" brand. I pulled and pulled on that stupid thing trying to start it. It was such a royal pain! I took it to the shop a couple of times and they adjusted something, but it never got much better. I finally took it over there and traded it in for a new Stilh! That put a change in things! I love this one. It starts easily!! Ah, yes that's more like it!! My husband always says if it doesn't work right to get rid of it. Good advice. He never liked anything that didn't work right and he'd get rid of it fast! I was so glad he was like that! I mean if you can fix something fine, but having to take it back to the shop over and over and over again, and it STILL doesn't work right, then forget it! It's gone!!

My next project that I hope to do this week is stain the fence pictured above. We have a circular driveway and that's 40 feet of fence just for decorative purposes! In the middle is a pole with an old dinner bell on top. That part of metal building you can see on the right side is our neighbor's garage. He ordered one of those hanger metal garages which would be better suited to a farm! I still don't like it but I've kind of gotten used to it now. The house is cedar and he put cedar on the front of the garage, but still it's ugly! Oh well, to each his own!

I guess after that the next chore will be to bring the wood holder on the porch and then fill it with wood. We have an insert that we burn wood in, but we have a heat pump that kicks in if the fire gets low. When DH was able he kept the fire going real well and even during the night. I'm afraid I'm not that diligent! They are saying this year that all winter heating bills will be higher, even electric, so I may have to keep a fire going more. Our house is small and it doesn't take a lot to heat it thankfully! I sometimes wish we had more room but economy wise you can't beat this place!

I guess that's enough ramblings for now! I'm hoping everyone has a great Sunday!


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