Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Making up stories.

In our town recently we have had some people who make up stories for one reason or the other. The first one was a woman who claimed the store she was working at had been robbed and she had been held with a knife to her throat. I'm reading this in the paper and thinking, "OMG, how horrible for this poor woman to go through something like that!" Then a week later I read in the same paper where she had made it all up because she was actually stealing money from the store and wanted to blame it on a fake robbery. Jeez. Here I am thinking how traumatized this poor woman was and she HAD MADE IT ALL UP!!!

The next one was a guy who was working as a night guard for a restaurant that will soon open. He claimed he had been robbed of his wallet one night. He also made it all up. I don't get it, other than maybe he had creditors after him and he thought that might gain him some sympathy.

Then the latest one was a woman who claimed she had been out on her porch watering her flowers around 9:30 p.m. when a man grabbed her and put a knife to her throat and had tried to cut her throat. She claimed he assaulted her and tried to rape her but she got away kicking and screaming. Her husband was quoted in the paper how he didn't feel safe living there anymore! So apparently even he couldn't tell that his wife was lying. In both of the female cases they had been taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

What is wrong with these people?? The worse thing is that while the police are working on these made up crimes they are wasting time that should be spent working on real crimes. It is very frustrating for them. I feel sorry for these people that make up such stories and yet I think they need to be given more than a slap on the wrist! I guess some do it for attention or to get someone to feel sorry for them. The next sad story I read in the paper though, I'm going to wait and make sure it really happened before I go feeling how sorry I am that they had to go through all that traumatization!!


Blogger Cliff Morrow said...

Sorry to say I seldom completely swallow any news anymore. And almost none of what the 'mainstream' press has to say.
This isn't an attempt at one upsmanship, but the Chief of Police in our little town shot himself in the bullet proof vest with his service revolver and then made up a story go with it. The State Patrol spent a couple of days looking for the suspect before the investigation came full circle.

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