Friday, April 07, 2006

After the Rain........

We have had a stormy afternoon and now there is this beautiful rainbow in the sky. I think it's the prettiest one I've ever seen. It goes all the way across and is so vibrant in color! Pictures don't do it justice. It lasted for a long time too. Now it is replaced with some heavy dark clouds with lightening.

I think the rest of the evening can be spent like this.


Blogger Susie Hovendick Chan said...

Beautiful rainbow. Beautiful cat. Beautifully LAZY, that is.

7:20 PM  
Blogger Cliff Morrow said...

Great pics Rahel. I'm with the cat.
I think we've been had. So I'm going to say that the last time I saw the vote totals,,,Ralph was ahead.
kings X

8:03 PM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Awwww that is sooooo sweet! A dear dear Kitty...!
What a beautiful rainbow, Rachel...
I once saw a whole half moon type rainbow that I could see both ends, you know? That has only happened to me once in my whole life!

1:29 AM  
Blogger Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

On a stormy day the cat does have the best idea.

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Judith said...

What a beautiful rainbow! I experienced a rainbow that was all the way across and vibrant with color last Saturday, a week ago. I didn't get photos, the way you did. Your cat looks like my cat! Is it a Maine Coon cat?

10:54 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Naomi, this rainbow was all the way over too and I could see it all so very bright and vibrant. This was the prettiest one I have ever saw. I just couldn't get all of it in the picture!

Judith, no this is not a Maine Coon. This is a stray that I brought home and named Little Bit. She is so sweet. Maine Coons are so beautiful and so big. I'd love to have one of those!!

3:40 PM  
Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

That stretched out position of the cat looks very comfy to me.

4:59 PM  
Blogger DayByDay4-2Day said...

cats really know how to live life don't they?

5:03 PM  
Blogger Sonia said...

So beautiful rainbow, Rachel!
Little Bit is so cute!

8:05 PM  
Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Now, that's a rainbow! You kittie looks totally relaxed.

1:05 PM  
Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

The rainbow is just beautiful and I think you have my cat over at your house...I have one just like it.

2:18 PM  

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