Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hi Y'all

Hello blogging friends!!! I'm waving at ya!

Here I am up in the hayloft at last. Not much hay on this end. The light and red area is the top of a tractor sitting in the barn and my step daughter took this picture from the ground. There are plenty of dirt/mud dobber nests up there. That's the things on the green tarp you see.

My stepdaughter and her husband have been in to visit for a couple of days and they enjoyed going down to the old farm with me and exploring. The owner stopped by and they even got to meet him. This afternoon I took them to The Harbour Restaurant to eat. The food was great this time. It didn't taste like someone had doused it with salt! I had grilled grouper, scalloped sweet potatoes, onion rings, and a roll. And sweet tea of course! The weather was perfect today, since the cool front moved through, and we ate outside on the deck.

Here is a picture of them standing in front of the old house!


Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

Hi! these photos are just adorable.
Thanks for dropping by.

10:54 PM  
Blogger Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

That's a great picture of you in the hay loft. The Harbour Resturant deck looks like a great place to eat. And since you said you were buying I checked out the menu. I decided on the Captain's Platter mainly because of the variety but also because I like hush puppies. But it will set you back another $16.99. Now, what to drink. . . .

7:35 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

Those are nice pictures. Maybe the kids would like to rent that house and live near you guys? Looks like a nice fixer-upper.
I've been gone since last evening, so I posted early before we left. Thanks for your visits.

7:48 AM  
Blogger Raggedy said...

Woooooooooohoooooo! I see you up there in the loft just a lofting. The restaurant sounds awesome. I am glad you got some good food this time. It sounds like you had a nice visit with family. I just love sweet tea too!
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) meow hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

7:58 AM  
Anonymous happy and blue 2 said...

Great pictures..

10:40 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Ralph, that deck is a nice place to eat. We started with the spinach with artichoke dip. It was yummy too.

I had the ribeye once and it was good! I may check out the prime rib next. You decide, I'll buy!

Jim, that house is beyond fixing up. It sure brings back memories though. They would not leave their jobs and kids and move here anyway!

7:08 PM  
Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

You look like you're having a good time in that photo.
I'm glad your family came for a visit and went exploring with you!
It was nice of you to give that restaurant another chance.
Did you have any truffles to share with your step-daughter?
I bet you DIDN'T!!!
My motto is:
Eat 'em ALL before anyone can get to them!

I hope you have a nice weekend.

7:43 PM  
Anonymous Jerry said...

Did you have a roll in the hay?


9:39 PM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I love seeing you up in the hayloft Rachel...And The Harbor sounds like they have some yummy stuff! Any chocolate goodies? (lol)
Did you ever see the little kittens again? Poor sweethearts...
Glad you had a nice visit with your family, my dear

11:23 PM  
Blogger Sonia said...

Sounds you had a joyful time!
Great photos! You look very happy up in the loft!

8:53 PM  
Blogger DayByDay4-2Day said...

oh those mudd dabber scare me. They can stink and not loose their stinger.

I'm waving back!

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great pics! I miss my grandparents farm.

3:28 PM  
Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said... the picture of you up in that barn loft and I just asked my husband if he knew where that restaurant was, so we could go there to eat sometime.

7:20 AM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for the visit Rachel...I love that we finally saw the barn that you have talked about...You look really happy up there! (lol)

9:29 AM  
Blogger Cliff Morrow said...

Don't you just love company??
I've caught up with your last couple of blogs. Glad to hear life is going okay.

2:35 PM  

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