Thursday, April 12, 2012

Odds and Ends

This is one of the prettiest redbuds I have seen! At least I think it's a redbud. It was raining the day I took this. I discovered it in a subdivision a couple of miles from here. Just beautiful in the shape and the blooms. I just wish it was in my yard!

I meant to get this sign posted in time for Easter but that didn't happen, as you can see. I did get to meet someone else putting up a sign. He had this side done and was working on the other side as I was on my way to church on Easter Sunday morning.  You will meet him in the photo below this one!
This is the Pastor James Merkel!! He was very nice and I told him the name of my blog. If you are reading this then Hello Pastor Merkel! It was very nice meeting you! Doesn't he have a great smile?

You can see he has a coat on. It has been colder here during the past week or so. I think we are set to have a warm up again and I'm ready for that. We have had some frosty mornings.

Last week I was dog sitting for my nephew and his wife. They were off cruising on the deep blue sea and didn't want to board their doggie. I don't blame them and I was more than happy to keep Jackson. He and my dog, Rusty, get along well and they play and play. Well...actually it's play and rest, play and rest, play and rest, etc!
Here they are playing and having a good old time!

Then after all the romping this is where they end up. After resting they go back to their romping.

I have 3 Easter lilies to set out. I hope to get that done over the next few days. I also have some other flower bulbs I need to get in the ground. I noticed today that my Dahlias are coming up. I'm so glad because they were so beautiful last year. The Clematis is already blooming and the roses are popping out too.
I hope everyone is having a great week and have a great weekend too!

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