Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mistletoe, KY and Sunday Sign

This is a very old picture of the Post Office at Mistletoe, KY. Mistletoe is where I was born. Mistletoe has not had a post office for many many years now. This is the first time I had seen a picture of the post office. If you enlarge it you can get a much better picture and even read the Post Office sign by the door. You don't see post offices like these anymore! Mistletoe is located in Owsley County KY, which is in the SE part of the state.

Church Sign

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Been Awhile

What have I been up to? Really just the usual things. I did get a week of respite care when I put my husband in the nursing home for a week just so I could have a break. I did go to Richmond, KY two days in a row. It was so nice to get out and not have to rush home, or be home by a certain time. I went to my parent's graves, visited a cousin, drove by my Dad's old place, visited my two brothers, and got to see 2 neices and 1 great neice and 2 great nephews! Richmond is quite a growing town. They now have a huge mall with stores in it that I have never heard of. I did go to Hobby Lobby and I ate at the Olive Garden. It is amazing to me how much the town has changed since when I was growing up there. Of course we lived in the country, about 16 miles from town, but that was where we went to school, some shopping, etc.

Here's Baby Kitty and Scottie. Sure a big difference in their size, but they are buddies. Scottie weighs 14 pounds and he gets that little one down and holds it. Baby Kitty screams like he's really hurting her. I was concerned at first but I watched them and Scottie doesn't hurt her at all. It's all in play and they are best buddies. I love to watch them playing. Cats can be very entertaining, as all you cat lovers know!

I took this photo recently of some corn not far from here. It sure is pretty!

We are having a heat/humid wave right now. Yesterday and today have been way up in the 90's with the heat index above 100. Just being outside and you are sweating, doing nothing but walking around. I'm just saying. I'm not complaining. I hate to be one of those people who gripe in the winter that it's too cold and in the summer it's too hot! But we are all human and we tend to do that. In the spring and fall, though, sometimes the temps are just perfect. Some people like the cold and some like the heat. For me about 68 with low humidity is perfect.

One thing for certain, when it's this hot I am so eternally thankful that I live in a home that has A/C, and that my car also has it. I know that many people do not have that luxury. I hope that everyone is keeping cool if you are also having this heat.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday Sign

I'm posting this sign just for
Cliff , who needs to get his last 50 acres planted! As you can see this photo was taken back May 24 and we were getting lots of rain then. Now we've been getting those afternoon thunderstorms that pop up here and there.
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