Friday, September 10, 2010

And a Do-Si-Do to All

Yes, I'm still here! We had some much needed rain yesterday and overnight. I poured 4.5 inches out of the rain gauge this morning.

Not much going on around here but the usual routine, and that's a good thing I guess. I am taking square dance lessons and it's lots of fun. It's pretty low key but still good exercise. I have learned how to do-si-do!! We have 6 kids from the same family taking lessons too. These are all adopted kids, so they are close to the same ages, all but one of them who is a teenager. I think they'll pick it up and do okay, and they have no ends to their energy! So we'll see how it goes!

One of my cats got killed on the road. That was Billy. He was such a pretty cat and so sweet. Sweet to me that is. He was a terror to the other cats and was a big bully. Anyone who loves cats know they all have their own personalities, and Billy was different. He used to carry all his toys to the bathtub and he'd play in there for hours with them. I would throw my arms up in the air and he would hump up and jump sideways at me!! So cute!! I'm sure the other cats are glad he's gone. I have seen him jump up in the air and come down on the back of another cat...for no reason other than just mean. He wasn't playing either. He made the fur fly and they all ran at the sight of him.

Only about 2 days after he was killed a little black stray kitten came along and it was so hungry with its little sides sunk in. I named it Diddlydo. It's a real sweetie and now no longer has any sides sunk in!

Empty watering cans are good places to hide and play! That's Diddlydo in the can and Baby Kitty behind it.

The sidewalk seems a cool place to lay!

I'm not going to apologize for not blogging much. I know you all are sick of hearing it! I thought about taking a blogging break for a couple of months or so, but then decided that I'll just blog when I can instead. I'll certainly try to get something posted every couple of weeks or so, or maybe more often. We'll see. I do think of all my blogging friends quite often, so know that I certainly have not forgotten you even if I haven't been around to comment much lately.
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