Sunday, February 27, 2011

Boat Transporting Up Close

I'm starting out with my Sunday Sign first.

We have some neighbors now that have a business of transporting houseboats. I never thought about how one is moved across the country. This one was taken out of Lake Cumberland here in Somerset, KY, and delivered to Lake Tenkiller in OK. Quite a far piece to travel and they traveled during the snowy part of January. This boat is 18 X 90. I went aboard and couldn't believe how nice it was. The bathrooms were bigger than mine here at home and even had double sinks! There are 3 levels. I can't imagine being able to buy something like that. It has 5 bedrooms.

He told me that with the economy that this boat sold for a lot less than it normally would have. I guess that is the case with lots of things right now. I guess the upside to that is that someone else was able to purchase it and have it transported all that distance, and it still be within their price range.

They have to take all that stuff off until it's down to the carpet. Then when they get there they have to put it all back together again. Sure is a lot of work involved. They are called "Dreams in Motion" and are on Facebook with lots of photos. In fact, I got the one of it going into the water at Lake Tenkiller from their site. I'm sure they don't mind.

This was right out of Lake Cumberland they are getting ready to take the 2 top stories off and get it ready to move. This is where I went to see it and went aboard, and then they explained how they had to take the top 2 levels off for transporting.

This last photo is the one I got from their site showing it going back into the water to its new home on Lake Tenkiller in OK, after being all put back together. I thought this was interesting and I hope you all did too!

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Favorite Thing

This is one of my favorite Christmas gifts I received this year!! I'm glad some kids still do this sort of thing!!

Here she is making those decorations!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is It Spring Yet?? Feels Like It Here! Yeehaw!

Yes, I'm still here in blogland. Just slow reporting in!

Our weather has moderated and turned from the snow and cold to some very mild temps. No complaints here.

It'd be nice if I could tell you of all the exciting things I've been doing, but I'd be telling a lie. Things around here are pretty much the same from day to day. My husband is doing about the same. It's hard getting him to eat and it takes forever to feed him if there is any meat in the meal. He just takes forever to chew. Soups are much easier. I can put things in the food processor and blend them up so there is really not much chewing involved. I do that sometimes. Sometimes it works well and other times it doesn't. If it's meat he will still chew on it and not swallow it. Then it ends up like a cud and he wants to spit it out. He wanted shrimp a couple of weeks ago. It took him 45 minutes to eat 4 butterflied shrimp. I told him I could take a nap and watch a movie while he was chewing on a bite! I was trying to encourage him to chew and told him that eating would make his brain sharper. He told me that his brain didn't need to be any sharper!! He still has his sense of humor!

This week Sandy, her brother Ron, and her husband Jimmy, rode down on their motorcycles. I met them at the Golden Corral for lunch. It was so nice to see them! They sure did brighten up my otherwise boring day. They are such nice people!

This red headed woodpecker was way up on the top of a dead tree which is at the edge of our yard. I know the picture isn't that great, but pretty good considering the distance I was from him.

These daffodils are coming up and that sure does make me think spring has just about sprung. When I see the daffodils coming up it always makes me feel more springy!


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