Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Critters Again

Here's the latest critter, Rusty. He's been here now for a couple of weeks and he's already got us doing his bidding! He is such a sweet dog. He likes to get half way onto your lap and lay. He likes to have his stomach rubbed. He doesn't like any of the dog toys and doesn't seem to care for toys at all. He does love to chase the cats and it was chaos the first few days with cats running to and fro with the dog in hot pursuit. That didn't last too long. Rusty will chase the cats but only if they run from him. If they ignore him he will ignore them. Most have caught on to that fact that he is harmless. Rusty is a Dachshund and he must be kind of a mix between a short haired and long haired one. He has long hair on his ears, some on his chest, and his tail. I have never had this kind of dog before. From what I have read about them they can be quite stubborn and I have found Rusty to be that way. I do think if he ever got off the leash that he would be gone in a flash. My neighbor has a fenced in yard and I let him in there to run a couple of times. Each time I stayed to keep an eye on him. He is a sweet dog, doesn't bark much, hasn't chewed up anything (that I'm aware of), and he is friendly to everyone. He hasn't been around any children yet, but he loves all grown ups that he has come in contact with. He jumps up in bed with my husband and will lay there beside him sometimes and my husband likes that. He is already fond of Rusty and will call for him.

This cat is the first one that said she wasn't putting up with no dog bossing her around. She is the smallest cat I have too. This is Diddles. I think she should have been named Trouble because if there is anything to get into this one will get into it. She is also the kind that will grab you by the ankles as you walk by. I have never thought of having a cat declawed, but I'm thinking about having this one. This cat is so ornery! Oh she is sweet looking here, but don't be fooled by that gentle sweet face!  Mischievousness, meanness, and orneriness lies right under her skin!! She does have her sweet times too, but they are not as often!

Here's Scottie resting and trying to take a nap. He gave me the impression that he didn't like the flash on the camera too much. Can't blame him for that! He is taller than the dog and has learned to ignore him. This is a dog bed but Rusty prefers to sleep on a blanket. He likes to dig on it and shape it into a ball that is suitable and just right.

We have really had a mild winter thus far. We did get a little over an inch of snow this past Sunday but on Monday it was in the 40's, so the snow was quickly gone.  I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's day. It was just another day around here. I did buy some candy after Valentine's day when it was half price. It was chocolate hearts with different fillings. I managed to eat the whole bag in a couple of days!

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