Saturday, August 29, 2009

Busy Week and Sunday Sign

It's been a busy week for me. My laptop was sick and had to be in the computer ICU for a few days. My regular computer guy is out in California so he had someone taking his place. Well I'm of the belief that no one can work on my computer like my regular computer guy! He built the first computer I had and has always been the one I call and say, "HELP!!!" when I have a computer problem. If he can walk me through it over the phone he will. If not he'll fix it. Now that it's fixed again all my favorites are gone and I'm trying to find everyone again. I know that all of you are already patient with me and I appreciate it so much! I don't blog too much but I think about my blogger friends quite often and I hope to someday (hopefully not in the too far off future) get to meet more of you!

On another note, last Sunday morning my nephew had a heart attack. Talk about putting fear into your heart. I had been to church and then stopped at the grocery. I came in with my arms loaded down and the phone was ringing with the news. He just turned 40 last month, and we are just so thankful that he was at home when it happened and was able to get to the hospital in time. He had been to Bristol the day before to watch the races with his daughter. They put a stent in and hopefully he's going to be fine. He is at home now recuperating and taking more time to relax.

I'll get around to everyone's blogs and catch up ASAP!!!

Today's Church sign is courtesy of
Sandy. Thank you Sandy!!!
We need to always watch out for that forbidden fruit!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Feast for The Eyes and My Sunday Sign

This week I got to visit a rose garden. It was beyond my expectations! It was absolutely beautiful with about 200 rose bushes. They were so healthy and so neat. The fragrance was delightful from so many of them! This is obviously a labor of love! This couple have their whole back yard filled with roses and they are laid out in a quilt pattern. There was so many colors and varieties. Here I'm sharing some close up shots I took of some of the roses. Later I will share more photos!

You should be able to click on these to make them larger.

I loved how this one is almost the same color as my nail polish!! These roses were tall and I had to reach up and hold it down some so I could get the photo.

I loved the difference in this one.

Isn't this a beautiful color?

See the little yellow spider on this one??

Sunday Sign

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Signs

It's hard for me to believe that it's mid August already. Where does the time get to?

It certainly feels like August around here. Hot and humid pretty much describes it. Just walking in the yard makes me sweat. Somehow it's not exciting to have sweat running down your face and your hairline getting wet and your shirt sticking to you from just walking across the yard.

How about a few corny cold jokes?

What do you call an Eskimo cow ?
An Eskimoo !

What do snowmen wear on their heads ?
Ice caps !

What do snowmen eat for lunch ?
Icebergers !

Okay, I think I'm feeling cooler now!!

Sunday Signs

Saturday, August 08, 2009

My Busy Week and Sunday Sign

I've been busier than a one armed paper hanger (as Cliff says sometimes).

I've not been visiting bloggers as much as I would like, but I'll catch up as soon as I can.

I took on the job of cleaning up our neighbor's back yard. This is the most physical labor that I have done in a long time. I am sore and tired and realize how out of shape I am. I have worked on it several days this week for a couple of hours at a time. It was full of tall thick weeds, vines, and saplings. There are also many trees in their back yard and I picked up a gazillion sticks and limbs and put them all in one huge pile in the middle of the back yard. There was also rocks that I picked up and put in piles. Then there was trash, mostly things that their dogs (and previous dogs) have carried off and chewed up and torn to bits. I must say it looks 100% better now, but it won't stay that way unless it's kept up. I used the mower on what I could and then I used the weed whacker on the rest, but that was after I had pulled up what big weeds I could and used my pruners on the ones that were tall as I am. When I first went out to start on it I thought I might have bit off more than I could chew, but I decided I needed a challenge and went for it. It's a good sized yard, but once I got started and begin to get some of it cleared - that gave me hope to push forward and keep going! I should have taken before and after pictures.

I did see two cute little frogs over there! I just love frogs! I haven't seen a frog here in a long time. The cats probably keep them all gone. They pounce on anything that moves around here!

Here is my church sign and many thanks to
Sandy for sending it to me! I love those flowers under it!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week and having a fun summer!

Sunday, August 02, 2009


Last Saturday we got together at my nephew's house and there was a lot of my family there. In fact all my brothers were there with their wives. Two nephews and their families were there. Three of my cousins were also there and I hadn't seen one of them since my Dad died back in 2000. It was great seeing everyone again! There was so much food, and there was even a chocolate fountain set up.

What would get all these kids out of a pool?? They are hovering around the chocolate fountain dipping strawberries, pretzels, marshmallows, etc., in the flowing chocolate! You can't even see the fountain.

(you can click on any photos to enlarge)

We were also celebrating 4 birthdays; my great-niece, my great-nephew, and my two nephews! So here are their 4 cakes. We had them with ice cream of course. No, the tools on the one were not edible, but the cake sure was!! Yummy good too!!

Two of my sweet great-nieces! They had taken circles of fondant off the one cake and stuck them on their foreheads!

This is my sweet niece and her daughter!

Sunday Signs

The call 911 sign I took at our church early this morning. It has some condensation inside it. I was surprised to see it since our choir hasn't been on fire for a long time!! In fact we had no music leader for awhile and then they hired one and that didn't work out. Right now we have a good one that is hoping to be the new music minister. I hope he gets it. I think this sign must have been a booster in hopes that our choir will get on fire!!

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