Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blogging, Hats, and Cats

I hate to say it but I have become a lazy blogger. Well, you had already figured that out by now. Not putting up a post is one thing, but not getting around to reading all my blogging friend's posts makes me feel worse. I don't know what is wrong with me these days. It's like I have the blahs. I know we all get the blahs occasionally, but it seems I've had them non-stop lately. I certainly think about my blogging friends often and wish I could visit each one in person and chat awhile. That would take care of my blahs!!

I don't get to get out too often to do things other than the routine things; grocery, pharmacy, Dollar Store, etc. BUT, last week I went to a luncheon where we were all supposed to wear hats. This was the only hat I had and it matched my red dress. As you can see my hair is short for the summer. This is my nephew's wife with me. She is the one who makes the delicious lovely cakes!

Here is the cake she made for this occasion. It was an Italian Creme Cake and it was delicous. I normally won't eat anything with coconut in it, but I ate this! Yummy!

I recently had this visitor come through the yard. It was a huge blacksnake. I went out and made a noise and he reversed directions heading away from the house. I do hope he continued in that direction and didn't turn back later! I lost sight of him/her almost immediately in the taller weeds and grass on the other side of our fence.

I now have another cat. Actually 2 more, to make a grand total of eight cats. Yes, I did say EIGHT!

One I found at the back door of the church. It was abandoned there and was meowing loudly at a non-stop pace. It is solid black and the sweetest little thing!! It is so adorable and I named her "Baby." "Baby is a real charmer!!" She's still pretty little and has big eyes and big ears. She is so cute! I don't have a decent photo of her yet.

I also got another cat that is a huge male that has been already neutered. His human mother is in the hospital and she had surgery. Before she went in she was worried that if she died who would care for her cat. I assured her that I would. So she boarded him, but she went to her lawyer and had him willed to me in the event she died. She didn't die from her knee replacement surgery, but she fell a few days after that surgery and broke her hip on the other leg. She called me and said that she wanted me to have him. She said that she didn't think she'd ever be able to care for him. She said she'd pay the boarding bill and for me to get him when I wanted to. So now I have him and he is a handsome big guy, but he's real laid back. This is "Scottie."

No thank you, I don't need any more cats! I'm over my limit now! I now have Miss White Lily, Munchie, Jamie Dawn, Skittles, Scottie, Baby, Little'En, and Billy.

Do you have anything that you are over your limit on?

(I'm going to get around to catching up on everyone's blogs as soon as I can!!)

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Roof

Got a new roof on this week. In this photo below they had taken the old shingles off of this side. It looks really nice now with the new shingles on and new gutters, and I'm glad it's done. Those guys that did it are the kind of workmen I like. It's a father and his 3 sons. They were highly recommended by several people. They came in and did the job and left leaving nothing for me to pick up after them. I hate hiring someone to do a job and then they leave a mess for you to clean up after they leave.


(I do hope all you Mother's out there had a truly wonderful Mother's Day!!!) Sorry my signs are late.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sunday Sign

The word here is rain again, like it was in my last post. There is flooding all over most of KY and plus some other states. There have also been rockslides along with the flooding. Other than going to church today and a quick stop at the grocery, I have been home. That's the best place to be on days like today. Watching the news though, some folks are blocked off from their homes and can't get in or can't get out. This photo below was sent to me by my cousin that lives in Frankfort, KY. This is Elkhorn Creek. I see that goose/duck has gotten off to the side. Probably too much rain for even a duck!

Sunday Sign, thanks to Ralph

Last week I posted this sign and no one knew where it was from. I figured you smart bloggers would know it right off. This was taken at a Baskins & Robbins ice cream store! There you can always get a "scoop!" They have a flavor called "the icing on the cake," and I can tell you that it is delicious and does indeed taste like icing on a cake! So it's time to "rescooperate!!"

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