Saturday, August 28, 2010

Odds and Ends and Sunday Sign

Isn't this the prettiest rose? This is one of those miniature ones that I have on my steps outside. They are tiny but so lovely.

This is what happens when you are using the weed-whacker and the line connects with the top of your foot instead of the weeds. My, but it did smart at the time! Let's see...that is 3 days old. It almost gave me a perfect U brand! Right above that on my ankle you can see some old sign and that is where I stepped on the tail of a kitten down at the farm and it lit into me with all it had. I was feeding them and they all get under my feet and I never want to step on any of them, but I must have stepped on this one's tail because it sure did latch onto my ankle and I counted 7 claw marks all around my ankle and foot. It got me on the sides of my foot and there on the top. I couldn't blame it though. If someone stepped on my tail I expect I'd be out of sorts too. It was only doing what came natural to it.

Now I know you all remember Jamie Dawn and her blog which is called "Jamie Dawn's Mindless Blather." I sent her this postcard not too long ago to see if she wouldn't like to cook some of this Possum Pie, and also to tell her how much we all missed her 'mindless blathering!' I know I speak for all of us because she is such a funny writer and such a dear, and we all miss her.

She was tickled pink to get this recipe and said that it would go perfectly with her Road Kill Stew, and then she'd wash it all down with JD's Kick-in-the-Pants Moonshine. Gosh, I wish she'd invited me for that yummy meal!! I believe some of that Kick-in-the-Pants Moonshine might perk me up and be better than spring tonic! I think I'll write her and see if she won't mail me a sample.

I hope you all have a great week. The weather has gotten a little cooler here and I'm thankful for that. I hope all is well with everyone.

Sunday Sign

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Sign

Does anyone know what this is called? We always called them "Jar Flies" because they make a loud noise. They come to the lights at night and the cats will get one and when these are on their backs (and their underside is white), they beat their wings and make that loud noise. I rescued this one and set him off on the side of a tree and hopefully he lived to see another day. I was curious as to their true name. Some striking colors there if you look close.

We had company this weekend and we went to Cumberland Falls. It was so very hot as it has been for a good while now. Hot and humid. However, the photo of the falls looks very cool and refreshing. I think we can all use that at this time of the year, since so many places have also been experiencing the extreme heat.


Monday, August 09, 2010

Do You Eat Bugs Too??

Our lawn needs mowing. Again. It actually needed it last week, but I decided that it wasn't a big deal and could wait until I got to it. I might get to it today. Might is the key word there. The last time I mowed a bug, (I'm assuming a gnat since it wasn't too big) flew down my neck and got swallowed up. It was suicide since it wasn't my fault that it just decided to fly in about the time I had my mouth open taking a deep breath.

I love this church sign! With our heat an ice cream will melt awfully fast out there. You had better enjoy every bite! Today's high is supposed to be 97. Maybe I'll get to swallow another gnat.

Monday Sunday Sign!!!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

I am Guilty

Of blogger neglect. It's a good thing there isn't a law about blogging regularly, because lately I would be fined a huge amount. I know some others have been having blogger neglect too, and Jim says it should be blamed on global warming. Sounds good to me. Now you know why I haven't been blogging much lately. Global warming.

I think we have had some of that global warming around here. Yesterday it was 103 when I called our local Time & Temp number. The humidity has been so bad. I walk outside and the sweat pours. I honestly think I have sweated more this summer than any other.

Last night we had thunderstorms and they were hefty with bad lightening and crashing thunder. I awoke to more rain and thunder this morning.

I had a very nice day as
Sandy her husband Jimmy, and her brother Ron, came by and they took me to lunch at The Harbour Restaurant at Lee's Ford Marina. It's a lovely place to eat there and the view of the marina is just great. While we were there it came up a storm and the wind got pretty hard. One of the docks almost got the roof lifted off and it would raise up and we thought it was going and then it would set back down. Some of it did go and the dock broke in the middle and the dock turned into a V instead of a straight row. The restaurant lost power and they were rushing to get to the dock to check on the boats docked in those slips as a first priority. Thankfully we had our food and were eating but some of the others did not get to eat since the kitchen had no electricity.

Here's a photo of Sandy and I.

Here's the broken dock. Prior to the wind it had been connected to the end of that other one and going in the same direction as the other one, but it seemed the wind really blew hard there. It's located kind of in an inlet and the wind whipped through there pretty hard.

On the way home we did see several big limbs blown out of trees. Thankfully, no damage at our house.

I'll try to amend my blogging ways and do better. I'll get around to visit everyone very soon too!! I do think of my blogging friends very often, even if I haven't been blogging or commenting much.

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