Monday, March 26, 2012

Lunch With Friends

Recently I got together with Jimmy and Sandy and we met for lunch. Jimmy and Sandy are the sweetest couple you'd ever want to meet. We actually met through blogging and then it turned out that we knew some of the same people and Sandy and I had both worked at the same place back years ago, but not at the same time. We had a good meal and good conversation. That day was very rainy, so they were not able to ride their motorcycles! They LOVE riding their bikes as much as possible!

Here's Jimmy!!!
I have posted a lot of church signs in my blogging days and I get many of them from the Redeemer Lutheran  Church which is a couple of miles from here, and I finally got to meet the person who puts up the signs! Here she is below and her name is Dorla. She said she is always looking for different signs to use. I told her that I had posted oodles of the signs on my blog and I like how many times the signs tie in with something that is going on locally.

Here is the finished sign. I'm late I know since it's not Sunday, but blogger gave me some problems, so a day late it is!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far and that it gets even better!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung and the Bradford pears are so pretty with their white blooms. I really love this photo with the reflections in the water. It sure is looking like spring around here and it's been very warm which makes for afternoon and evening thunderstorms.

                                  SUNDAY SIGN

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Crazy Wild Weather

Well the news is sad after all those tornadoes yesterday. We were very fortunate to have the storms miss us here;  well we did have storms but nothing bad at all. We didn't even get any hail here and my niece's car in Richmond, KY was damaged by the golf ball size hail they had. I think some people here had hail damage too with the strong storms that moved through the northern part of the county. I was on my toes yesterday and watching the radar. I had the Weather Channel on but my best info is looking at the radar on the computer and you can enlarge it and zoom right in on where the worse part of the storm is. I usually then just use my own judgement. The tornado sirens went off twice yesterday evening. The sky was black and very ominous looking.

Speaking of those tornado sirens, the one we hear is located probably just over a mile or so from us at the fire department. Our pastor has one almost right across the street from him. I can only imagine how loud that would be! Last Wednesday we also had kind of the same weather pattern, just not as bad, and there was a tornado in the northern part of the county that blew down a barn, some roofs off homes, lots of trees down, etc. He said when the sirens went off that day that it scared their little dog so bad she peed on the rug. His little dog is a miniature Shih-Tzu and she is getting up in age. Poor thing!

I had a call from my sister in law earlier today. A guy that has worked with my brother for years lost both parents in a tornado yesterday evening in Laurel County (London, KY). London is about 30 miles from here and I think they lived out in the county in a mobile home. That is so sad. I think there was 5 killed in that county.

So I feel very fortunate that we were spared any of that and my heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones, the injured, and the ones who lost homes.  Hope all my blog friends and their families are safe too.
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