Sunday, December 28, 2008

Trio and Sunday Signs

Here's a trio of cats for you! From the top down is Skittles, Sir Scarlett, and Jamie Dawn. They all decided to bunk together on one of our colder days.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008




Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Week

Finally a post!! I'm so far behind I think I'm out in front. I've been busy getting ready for Christmas, putting up decorations, shopping, and getting my Christmas cards out, and trying to remember if I have forgotten anything. It does seem like this holiday season has come up quite fast. People are always saying how some things are slower than Christmas, but it seems to me that Christmas comes around pretty fast anymore! When I was a kid it seemed FOREVER before Christmas got here.

With the holidays always comes more times of going to Christmas parties and getting together with friends. This past week myself and three friends went to TN to a B&B and ate lunch. Below is a picture of us. We were at Grey Gables in Rugby, TN. It's a lovely place that I stayed at once before. It was decorated lovely for the holidays and we had a delicous meal and a fun trip. It rained all the way there and back but the company I was with are quite the comedians and I was laughing so hard at them that my jaws were hurting!

Here are just a couple of the decorations that I thought were adorable!
This one was so cute!!! Love this cat!! Awesome colors!!

Don't you just love these carolers, too?! I thought they were so sweet!!

We have been getting lots of rain but today it has turned MUCH colder and very windy. Tonight is going down to 9. I guess I'll get out another quilt!
Is everyone ready for Christmas?


Here's a recent example!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sunday Signs

Sunday Signs

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow, Ice, and Everything Nice!

Sandy sent me this photo and said, "Hey isn't Cliff your friend that lives on a farm and his wife grooms dogs?" This picture made her think of that! Haha! Well, it could be Cliff taking a customer for a ride!! Very cute don't you think? I don't know if Cliff ever wears overalls or not. But looking from the back it could be him on the tractor! How about it Cliff? Is that you? :) Even has a little umbrella over the dog. Cute! You can click on the photo to enlarge it.

I was watching the weather and saw that New Orleans had snow! Now that must be exciting to get snow in places where you hardly ever get any. Like an early Christmas gift! Right now we have the ground covered with the white stuff, with a layer of ice underneath. I'm glad I don't have to be out on the roads tonight or in the morning.

I love the clothes that have no tags on the inside of the neck. They just have the writing on the clothes themselves. T-shirts are like that a lot. Not so much on other clothes. Oh, my underwear is like that too. Hanes. Sometimes the tags on the neck can tickle or poke you and are annoying, so not having them there is nice. What do you think?

I normally hate commercials and hit the mute button until the commercial is over. I do like the singer who does the commercial for Free Credit Report Dot Com. His name is Eric Violette and on his resume page it says he is an actor. I like his singing and don't mind those commercials at all. There's two or three different ones and I like them all just because of his singing!

Today was rainy and nasty. About 7 p.m. or so the rain changed to sleet and then to snow. I made a big pot of beef vegetable soup and made oatmeal cookies. All good too! Love that comfort food on these rainy chilly days.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Parts of My Week and Sunday Sign

Today is quite cold, cloudy, and we have the occasional snow flurry. I have to run to the grocery sometime today to get ingredients for what I'm making for our church dinner tomorrow. That will be the only thing I get out for today. In this kind of weather I like to stay inside if possible.

Thursday night I went to a dinner here in town. It was actually a recognition/awards night for the volunteers at our hospital. I'm not an official volunteer but I have helped out some, so I was invited. It was all so lovely. The tables were all so elegant and pretty! Beautiful tablecloths and centerpieces with lovely cloth napkins. It was high class all the way! I didn't get a picture of the tables, but here's a picture of part of the dessert area complete with a chocolate fountain.

Some of you have asked about Scarlet and Jamie Dawn. Here they are doing just fine! They are so sweet and adorable! Munchie brought in a mouse the other night and left it on the steps of the porch. It was just a small mouse, dead of course, but still warm. I gave it to Jamie Dawn (she's the black kitten)and she grabbed it and had herself a time tossing it up in the air and catching it. If Scarlet got near her she growled and snatched that mouse in her mouth. She refused to share! I don't know what happened to it...if she ate it or what. She probably did!

Do have a blessed Sunday and keep warm! Only 18 days till Christmas. Are you ready?? This sign shows a gift we all can give and it won't cost a thing!! Now that's nice!!


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ecological Day

Solidago altissima

Goldenrod is the State flower for KY. The golden plumes of this wildflower line Kentucky's roadsides in the fall. Native to all of Kentucky, 30 of nearly 100 species of this herb are found here. They are all perennials with large clusters of small yellow flowers that appear from the end of summer until frost. The leaves of goldenrods are simple, lance or egg shaped and usually have a toothed margin. Most species propagate by a spreading root system in addition to seed. In the fall they are often blamed by allergy sufferers for their allergies, but the real culprit is ragweed, which blooms at the same time. Insects love the goldenrod!

This plant grows over most of North America and is usually seen in pastures and growing beside the roadways. It is also the state flower of Nebraska.

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