Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Day Trip, or Part of a Day Anyway!

Today I went on an outing with a group from church. A small group of 11. We went to Berea, KY to eat at Boone Tavern. I had not been to that restaurant/hotel in about 30 years. Many years ago I ate dinner there with a group from the Chamber of Commerce meeting. Boone Tavern has always been noted for their spoon bread, and they served that to us today. Some say it's not as good as it used to be and the food isn't either; however, I thought the spoon bread was great and the food was good too. The waiters were very attentive, pulling out our chairs for us and even placing the napkins in our laps! It's nice to have a little high class living every now and then!!

My entree of Flaked Chicken in a Bird's Nest with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans.

Then it was time for dessert!! Bread Pudding which was great!

All the flowers there are so beautiful and lush. I wonder if the kids from the college tend to them as part of their work/classes? Berea College is a working college and the kids there work as part of their tuition. All the flowers along the front of the Tavern and that whole block are so huge and simply beautiful!


 We went and browsed in the stores after we ate. I enjoyed seeing all the things that they have, many of which are made by the students.  There are many lovely quilts, and you can see the vibrant beautiful lone star quilt behind me!

Isn't this flock so cute!

Sunday Sign
(he ran out of U's apparently!) 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

R.I.P. Pup and Munchie, Beloved Friends

I had to have our dog, Pup, put down last month. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Here's a photo of him asleep I took a couple of months ago. He was 13 1/2 yrs. old. Oh what a sweet little dog he has been for us. He has traveled with us many places and was never any trouble. Loved riding in the car. We could leave him in the motel room and he wouldn't bother anything; just laid on the bed watching the door for us to return. Take him to a friends house to spend the night and we'd put his blanket beside the bed and he would sleep there just fine. Even my SIL who never would allow an animal in her home would let Pup stay because he was so good and he didn't really shed. We never allowed him to get on the furniture and she was amazed at how well behaved he was.

I can't begin to tell you how much I miss him. Wherever I went he followed. We have taken so many walks together.  He was smart and knew several tricks. My great neice used to tire him out getting him to jump through a hoop for her. Each time she'd give him a little bit of a treat. She'd make it last as long as she could. She loved getting him to do that. This photo below as taken while he was sleeping. 

Here's a photo I took of him and he had just woken up. He never liked looking right at the camera because he hated that bright flash in his eyes. He would either close his eyes or look away.

Back in May Munchie got killed by a car. She was a dear sweet cat and she and Pup were great companions. They used to play together and have a big time before Pup got too old and didn't feel like playing anymore. Here's a picture below of them laying beside me on the bed. She is laying her head on Pup's side. They were good close friends. I miss them both so much and it's been really hard. They are buried beside each other in the yard.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

Happy 4th to everyone!!!

Recently I went to a reunion and it was held beside this beautiful log cabin.  It is a lovely home filled with antiques and all things rustic and wood! It is also completely modern as well. I could live there! It was so peaceful and pretty!

Here's another photo! Just past it was a nice big picnic shelter where we actually had the reunion.

Here is a cousin of mine that I hadn't seen in many many years. He used to come to our house and stay some when I was little. He is the same age as my oldest brother, so I really remember him from when I was a kid and I always thought so much of him. He lives in Indiana. It was nice seeing so many cousins I hadn't seen in ages! I'm really glad I got to go to that reunion. You can see that my hair is very short right now, but I still have lots more than he has!! Haha!!

Here's a picture of some corn that I took today. They say corn is supposed to be knee high by the 4th of July. Well this corn is about as tall as I am, so it is way past that!

I hope everyone has had a good weekend and enjoyed their Independence Day. This week has been kind of rough for me. I fell exactly a week ago on the steps going to our garage and it sure did jar this old body up good. I hit on the left side of my bohunkus and my right leg slid under the railing and scraped it good. It didn't rip the skin but it sure did make a huge bruise, which still remains, but it's getting better each day. I hit my tailbone hard and I have been so sore. Each day it gets better thankfully, but it was rough at first. It hurt to walk, sit, sit down, get up, bend over, etc. Mighty painful indeed. I'm just thankful I didn't break anything. I also bruised several other areas of my body as well in that fall.  I blame myself. It had been raining and I had on flip flops, which are always dangerous when it's wet! They are now in the trash and good riddance to them and all their kind!!

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