Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bread of Life and Sunday Sign

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Bread of Life Cafe near Liberty, KY and ate lunch there. It was my first visit to this particular restaurant. They have a gift shop and once I had browsed around in the gift shop I walked through the doors into the dining room and there sat this man in the chair and I thought it was a real person, since he looks pretty real at a glance. I was getting ready to speak to him when I realized he was just a dummy!

Then I had to smile at the sign they had pinned to his shirt, which you can read in the second picture below!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with plenty of family, friends, and good food, and that you remembered to count your many blessings!
I had a very nice Thanksgiving. I went to my nephew's where there was plenty of good food to be eaten, and three sweet families to share it with. I feel like I did my fair share and then some. I also brought some leftovers home.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Introduction, Nice Surprise, and Sunday Sign

INTRODUCING.... Billie Jo, my new kitten I had told you about in the previous post!

Another whole week has passed and no post until now. Golly gee whiz. How the time does get by these days. And to think that Thanksgiving is this week and then Christmas right around the corner, and then a new year!

Thanks for your concern with the raccoons. I would never let them in my house! I know how damaging they can be. The guy that manages the boat club below us said that some got on someone's houseboat and you could not believe the damage they did. Can you imagine?? He said they got in through a screened window. I know they are crafty at opening things. I'd say that houseboat had to be redone totally inside after that ordeal. You think a boat parked out on the water would be safe but that's not so. Not only do human thieves break and enter but the raccoons too, if they get a chance!

I got my car back this week. It came with a real nice surprise. I picked it up right at closing time on Thursday. I didn't look it over or anything, just drove off. I went to a nearby Arby's and pulled into the parking lot and got out and looked it over then. It looks greats to me! One thing they did, that I didn't expect, is they cleaned the inside of my car for me once all the body work was done. That was a nice plus, but not the real nice surprise.
I noticed a package laying in the floorboard of the passenger seat, and it had some papers laying on top of it which I had left in the car. I wondered what it was and picked it up. It had written on the side, "Found behind the driver's quarter panel." I opened it up and inside was the brand new owner's manuel, the cigarette lighter (which was missing when I bought this car), and two (never been opened) keyless entry thingies, or buttons, or whatever you call them, but you know what I mean!

I thought to myself that surely these could not be for my car?? If they were, the batteries were probably dead by now (the car is a 2003), but I tried the buttons and they worked!! I tell you I was so happy!! I love keyless entry and this was a feature I always wished my car had. All this time it has had it and I never knew it. Obviously the dealership I got it from did not know it either. When I got the car I noticed it was missing the lighter, and he said they could probably find me one if I wanted them to. I told him it was no big deal since I don't smoke anyway.

Who would buy a new car and not want to use the keyless entry? I can understand the lighter thing, since they might have wanted to plug in their phone there. I called the body shop back and asked where the quarter panel was. He said the package was behind the back wheel covering under the mat on the driver's side. I had never looked under the mat in my trunk since I had no reason to. I assume there is a spare tire under there but I've never looked. I never saw any lumps under the mat on the sides, so that package was well hidden. That was my real nice surprise; keyless entry!! I did the dance of joy! I was just that happy!! I get hit in the rear and something positive comes from it! Yippee!!
Sorry my Sunday Sign is a little crooked. I had to take it from a distance.
I hope everyone is doing wonderfully wonderful and that you have some real nice surprise's this week too!! Only real nice ones!!! :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today has been a beautiful day; in the 70's and sunny. Just perfect for front porch sitting.

My car is still in the body shop being repaired after I was hit in the rear. The estimate for the damage was almost $2800. Doesn't take much of a fender-bender to make it expensive these days. They expect it to be finished this Wednesday. In the meantime I'm still driving the Hyundai rental car. I like it pretty good. It's a little smaller than my Buick and it seems to be cheaper on gas.

I got a new cat today. There it was today at the farm where I feed all the cats daily. This one is pretty big but not full grown. Maybe 4-5 months I'm guessing. I'll try to post a picture real soon. It's just the sweetest perfectly tame cat, with a very loud purr. It's one of those tuxedo cats, with 4 white feet, white under the neck and white whiskers!! So pretty!! I think I will name her/him Billie Jo. That way it'll fit either a male or female (I'm not sure yet if it's a male or female). The other cats are not too thrilled with it being here, but they'll get used to it.

It was so tame until I brought it in and it saw the dog. The it turned into a spitting clawing ball of raised fur. I got 3 claw marks on my arm. She eventully figured the dog didn't pose a threat, but she still was leary. She will get over that too.

One night this week there was 7 raccoons outside looking for food. Those things are such pigs and they are all nice and plump. One comes up to the door and stands on his back feet as if saying,
"What ya got tonight for me??" I call that one "Roscoe P. Coldtrain." I think he'd walk in if I'd let him/her!! Seeing 7 at one time is quite a crowd. My neighbor said the most she has seen at one time was 9 and that was a couple of years ago.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanks to Our Veteran's!!!


Sunday, November 08, 2009

Cumberland River and My Sunday Sign

Another week has passed and what's been happening in my world you ask? Well, not too much out of the ordinary I guess. I did get rear-ended last Tuesday. I was stopped at a light, the second car back. The light for the turning lane beside me changed and the young man behind me wasn't paying attention and he thought our light had changed, so he hit the gas and plowed into me. He was driving a van and that rounded front of the van just pushed my trunk up some, so I can now get almost my whole hand under it on one side. The young man that hit me was very nice and apologetic. He is a high school student and, thankfully, had insurance. I take my car in tomorrow for repairs and will be given a rental to drive in the meantime.

I also felt like I was coming down with a cold and my nose was nonstop running on Wednesday. (Maybe that young man knocked the snot out of me after all). That night I took NyQuil and the next day I felt much better and my nose had dried up, but I guess I still felt the lingering effects of the NyQuil, so I slept part of the day away and it felt really good!

Other than those two things, it's been the usual around here.

Back in mid-October I went to Cumberland Falls and thought I'd share some photos with you. I think it's so beautiful down there. The river is shallow and wide and just so pretty. It was running a little higher than usual from some recent rains that day.

The Cumberland River. See those two people way down there on the rocks?
You can click to enlarge these pictures.

Cumberland Falls

This is looking downriver below the falls. Pretty huh?

This is one of my favorite views taken from the Dupont Lodge. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a view like that from your home? Certainly would for me! I did go with a group and we had a good time. We ate at the Dupont Lodge and the food was great. You could eat off the buffet but I had the catfish dinner instead. It was delicious!!

I hope everyone is doing 'better than great,' and having a wonderful weekend!!


Sunday, November 01, 2009

It's Sunday!!!

I had a can of biscuits to explode in the fridge. First time that has ever happened to me, and I've had many out-dated cans before. I heard the "POP" in there but didn't hear any repercussions, so didn't think anymore about it. Later when I opened the fridge there was all this cookie dough looking stuff all over the place and I'm thinking, "Where did this stuff come from??" I picked it up and it was very crumbly and dry. Then later I got back in there and happened to glance in the door and saw the can with more dough hanging out! Then I had the "Ah-Ha!" moment! I had to laugh! It was one of those cans that have the bits of butter in it, so that's why it looked more like cookie dough.

It's a hard life for a mouser!!

This is my bed and I share it with these two. Always Pup, but the cat, Munchie, only sometimes. You would think with a whole side of the bed to lay on that they could give me a little more room. Pup is 12 now and one of the people that stays with my husband sometimes was out and she said that since she had last been here, a year ago, that she could tell Pup was more rickety. little guy is getting older. I can tell it too. He's such a sweetie and I hate to think of him getting older and having ailments, etc.

This is the color of fall. Pretty huh? Not pretty having to rake all those leaves!!!
This past Friday it was glorious sitting on the porch watching all those leaves falling and blowing. It was very windy and the leaves were coming down and blowing all over the place. Then the rains came and it's gotten a bit cooler. Tonight is going down into the 30's, but not to freezing yet! You can click the picture to make it bigger.

I hope everyone is having a glorious weekend! I hope you all had a delightful Halloween as well. I only had one little ghoulish creature to visit me and that was my great-neice. I'm not sure what she was dressed as but Pup sure didn't like it. He growled at her anytime she was near! She had on a long black dress, black tights, and black shoes, with a black sweater, her hair sprayed black, and her face was painted some sort of a sickly green color. Well....yeah...I understand his growling at that!! :)
Sunday Sign

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