Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Sign and Gift Photo!

These clogs are sitting by the front door and I slip them on when I go outside. One of the cats had left me a gift, as you can see, earlier this week. The mouse was in my shoe. I did not place it there. Cats are so thoughtful aren't they? NOT!!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

My 600th post!! Whoo-Hoo!!!

Wow, 600 posts. Who would have ever thought it? It's certianly been an adventure and I've made some new wonderful friends through blogging. I have met some of my blogging friends but I want to meet more.
Here below you see a picture I took yesterday of the daffodils coming up!! I pushed back the leaves and there they were!! This has always been a sign to me that spring is coming soon!! Today it was sunny and very warm here, right around 60! Sure did feel good.

I hope everyone has had a most wonderful weekend!!

Sunday Church Sign

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Can you stand seeing another snow photo? As you can see it was coming down really good when I took this picture on Monday.

I've been dreadfully neglectful in updating my blog. Do I have an excuse? No..not really. I went to the grocery store a couple of days ago and there was only about 2 cars in the parking lot, due to the weather we've been having, so the cashiers were not busy. One said that this weather made her sleepy and she wanted to hibernate. I think that pretty much sums up how it makes me feel too.

Last week I went to a Valentine's party, and here I am dressed in my red sweater. Some of the people there were totally in red; red hats, red clothes, red socks, and red shoes! It was amazing to see folks with total red right down to their purses, socks, and shoes! Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of them.

After the Super Bowl the church immediately posted this sign to follow up from their previous sign.

Last Friday night I also went out to a dinner theatre. It was so much fun and I'm so glad I went. It was "And So They Had None," a play by Robert Alan Ward. It was lighthearted comedy about who ate the Boston Cream Pie they planned to have for dessert! A whodunit of another kind! I went alone but sat with some really nice folks and I had a table right near the stage, which made it even better. The meal was great, and for dessert we had....yep you guessed it...Boston Cream Pie!! I love plays and was so glad I got to go to see this one. It was at one of the local Christian schools.
I hope everyone had a very nice Valentine's Day!!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

My Sunday Chatter

In my previous post I mentioned the British sitcom "Keeping up Appearances." The lady's name is Hyacinth Bucket (she prefers it pronounced 'Bouquet'). I also mentioned girls/women being named after flowers. I didn't think about it when I posted that post, but her sisters names on the show are Rose, Daisy, and Violet, so they do all have flower names! Anyway, that was just on my mind! Really, I like all those names!

Once again I had to have my laptop worked on. I had just had it worked on week before last. The viruses they "devirused" came back very soon. This time he basically cleaned it up and started over. I wish I was good enough on a computer to figure these things out myself. With so many computers I would think that would be a good line of work to get into. I have used the same computer guy from the first time I had a computer. He built them back then and he brought it in and set it up for me. He gives me lifetime support...well as long as he lives here or until he dies anyway! I can call him anytime (evenings and weekend are okay too) and he will walk me through a problem if he can. Of course I'd never call him late at night or not on a Sunday, just because I'm nice like that! :) One time I called him on a Wednesday evening and he was at Bible study. I apologized and he said it was okay because they were getting ready to start but hadn't started just yet. Otherwise he wouldn't have answered. Really, it's refreshing to find nice people like that.

A friend of mine called me Friday night to let me know she was in the hospital. She will be 85 in March. She is a real character! I asked her why she was in the hospital. She said, "Everything just went haywire. My B/P is too high, my suger is too high, my potassium is too high, and my temperature is too high." I went to see her yesterday. They have been running a bunch of tests to try and figure out what's going on. She can't wait to get back home again. I sure don't blame her for that. There is no place like home!

When I first saw this sign I wondered what big game it was referring to. Then later I was in a restaurant and overheard someone say, "Oh I just like to watch the beginning of it." The other person said, "I only watch it to see the commercials." Then I wondered if it could possibly be Super Bowl time. As you can probably tell I am not into sports, but with the hint of the commercials I knew enough to know it might be the Super Bowl! Seems I was right!


Friday, February 05, 2010

Snowmen, Rain, and Other Things

This is what's left of my snowman! Pitiful isn't it? Just about all gone away. We have been getting oodles of rain today and it continues. I would say it's raining cats and dogs but I haven't seen any of those falling from the sky!

I took this photo at my nephew's house. I think this one is lasting longer since they put clothes on it. He is leaning a bit though!

This is Hyacinth from the British sitcom "Keeping Up Appearances." I always loved to watch this show and I think I've seen all of them. Unfortunately it wasn't on that many years. Now if you have watched this show you know that their last name is "Bucket," but she likes it pronounced "Bouquet."

I do like the name Hyacinth. Can you imagine having children and naming them all after flowers? "Oh, dinner's ready! Get washed up Hyacinth, Chrysanthemum, Marigold, and Daffodil."

"Tell your brother Prickly Pear to get a move on!" It's harder to find a name for a boy with flowers in mind. Can you think of any good ones?
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