Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Here I am with a mask that I made. This is more like a Mardi Gras mask. At least that's what I was told. What the heck do I know about Mardi Gras? I took the picture myself and, as you can see, I was also on the phone. How's that for multi-tasking??

This mask you just held up with the stick (which came from my yard).

This is a ghoulish thing that came to my house earlier tonight. What a creepy costume. It's my great niece of course. She is the only trick or treater I have.

May your Halloween be treats and not tricks!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Two-Fer!

I thought I'd post two Sunday pictures today to make up for my lack of a picture last Sunday!Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007


Jerry from Back Home Again was passing through KY today and he stopped and we ate lunch together at Backyard Burgers. It was so nice to see him again! He asked me if I knew anywhere to get a bale of hay from. I told him that the farm where I feed the cats every day had some baled hay in the hayloft and the owner, Homer, might part with a bale. After eating he followed me over to Homer's and we asked him. He followed us over to the barn and he wanted to climb up in the hayloft too. He is 84. When he tried to go up the stairway to the loft it was blocked by hay. I guess some had fallen down from where it was stacked. Jerry, being the young and nimble fellow he is, just climbed onto the tractor, which was parked in the barn, and on up into the hayloft and then unblocked the stairs. Jerry found a nice bale of hay and tossed it down. Here's Jerry getting ready to toss that bale down. Homer got up the steps okay but then when he tried to come down he decided he had better scoot down on his butt. He sat down as far as he could and then fell on his behind and his legs went up in the air! Too bad I didn't have my camera handy at that moment! He was okay and then started scooting down. The he got the seat of his pants caught on a nail and had to back up! He finally managed to get down and I was grateful for that!

Here's Jerry talking to Homer.

As a last stop I took Jerry over here to see the lake. There was this boat hanging there. It wasn't going anywhere, so I'm not sure if they fished it out of the lake or what. It kinda did look like that. Maybe the salvage truck hadn't arrived to pick it up yet?? That is the big skimmer thing that they use to clean up the lake with.
Jerry headed on south with his trunk holding a bale of straw and a bale of hay. It was jammed in there too with no room to spare. You might wonder why he had a bale of straw and wanted a bale of hay to go with it? Well, he explained it to me, but I guess he'll probably blog about it, so I'll let him tell you!
At any rate I really enjoyed his visit and I'm glad I was able to help him find a bale of hay!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Today is a rainy day and we still need the rain so it's good to get it. At last look there was almost 2 inches in the rain gauge. Lots of leaves are falling now. I got out last week and took these pictures showing some of the lovely colors. Fall is certainly a pretty time of the year.

Today I got my flu shot. Those things sure make my arm sore. I've been getting them for several years now and I think they do help. For years I was afraid to take them!

I found a persimmon tree and picked up a few to take this picture. They are really good when they are ripe, but if they are green they will make you pucker real good!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Blogger is not allowing me to post any pictures tonight. Drat it all.

Oh well. Such is life.

I went back to the high place I had visited in my last post. I thought it best to overcome my fear. Of course the more you go to a place and get used to it the easier it is. I went back, and though I was a little nervous, I managed okay.

Sandy and Jimmy came to visit me. They rode down on their motorcycles. It was great seeing them! I drove them down to show them the high place and the lovely views. They agreed that to build a house in there you would have a lovely view but you needed to be retired so you didn't have to get out if the roads were bad. It's only a few miles from here. About a 10 minute drive I guess.

No church sign for this week.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Today I decided to take a little drive and see if I could find some color. I took Pup with me, as he's always ready for a ride! I went down this road I had never been on and I found this spot where you can see.....forever it seems! It is very high. It was a little nerve wracking since I'm not a big fan of heights. I took some of these pictures and then I got back in the car. There is a gated community going in on up higher on the other side. I had parked in the driveway of that to take my photos. I decided to drive up in there. There are no houses yet and I can only imagine what they want for a lot. I drove up a short distance and then you made a sharp turn to the right and there is the whole scenery off to the right. I had an immediate panic feeling and quickly backed up and left. I drove down the road a bit and coming back I decided to face my fears and drive on in there. I did, but when I got past that curve and on the road going in, with no guardrail or anything beside me I got that horrible panicky feeling again. It's a very short drive and a small turnaround at the end. I pulled up the bank and put it in park and turned the car off. I got out and let Pup out. I was in a full panic then. I walked around some and gave myself a pep talk and then decided I was being ridiculous and got back in and drove out. I kept my left hand on the side of my face though so I could not see over the side. Once I got to that curve that heads out I was okay. I hate that feeling. Anyone who builds up there will certainly have a grand view. I don't know how they'll get out in snows, and forget ice storms! I don't think I could handle the drive out if it were the least bit slick. Of course they may have (if they had any sense) put those heating units in the asphalt before they sealed it so it can be melted off.

The view is spectacular and you can double click to enlarge these.

Here's Pup who was with me today. He is such a sweet dog. He is a Shih-Tzu. He'll be 10 years old tomorrow. We must have a parteeee for the little guy!!! Probably a plain Jr. bacon cheeseburger for him, and maybe later a small cupcake of his very own!! He'll love it!! He loves to eat. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUP!! You are a joy to our lives!!

I'm glad he was with me today as he did give me a certain amount of comfort!

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Today was our annual family get together. I had a wonderful time. We have it at my brother's farm. This is my little great niece. She is 2 years old and cute as pie! I loved this little outfit on her. This is not the best picture and it is of her back, but she is adorable. She loves all things girly; jewelry, purses, shoes, bows and ribbons, and she even gets excited over new panties!!

Everybody brought some food but my nephew here was the one who fried the catfish and hushpuppies. He loves doing it. He was wearing his "SuperDad" shirt.

We played Corn Hole. I had never heard of this game until about 2 weeks ago when I saw a sign about it and someone told me, so this was my first time playing. I got to play several games and I really enjoyed it to the max. I was half way decent at it. Probably beginner's luck. I had to leave before I got to play very much unfortunately. These are two of my nephews.

It was a good day but it went by too fast. I had lots of food, lots of hugs, and lots of fun. Can't beat that.

My Sunday Sign was one I took today on the way over there, and it speaks the truth!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Belated Blogiversary and Falling Gracefully

My blogiversary passed by and I missed it. My first post was on Oct. 2, 2005. It simply said, "Here is my first entry in my new blog." Mainly I was just trying it out to see if it all worked. It did and I did my next post on Oct. 5, 2005. My first commenter was Cliff. I had found his blog somehow, just searching I guess, and so I had to sign up in order to leave comments on his blog. That was the beginning of it all. Who knew where this blogging would lead. It has been wonderful and I have met some wonderful, great, terrific, charming, sweet, kind, generous, smart, creative, and talented folks from all over!! If you are any of those things then I'm talking about you!! It's been great and I'm really glad I started blogging. The bloggers I have met in person have been wonderful and I'm looking forward to Blogstock 08 when I'll get to meet some more! Maybe I'll manage to meet some before then. Who knows?
We finally got cooler temperatures. Today was in the 60's and windy. Kind of chilly when you are used to it being in the 90's. I saw lots of people out that had on jackets today! Not me. I was glad to see the cooler temps. I was walking the dog down the road and a car came by so I got off to the edge of the road in the edge of a driveway. I stumped my toe on a raised piece of concrete and fell quick as a flash. First time I've fallen in a good while. The worse thing about falling, if you don't really hurt yourself that is, is the fact that one minute you are on your feet and the next minute you are on the ground. I fell arms first like I was sliding into base. You know how sometimes instead of sliding feet first, they take a leap and dive for it hands first. Well, that's what I looked like. I went down on my right side. The car sped on by so fast I doubt they even noticed that I had fell. As far as I can tell I didn't hurt anything but I guess I'll see how sore I am tomorrow. My right hand went plowing through the grass and so did my left one. Then I landed on my right hip. I got up and dusted my pants off and my hands and kept walking. I felt like I fell gracefully, if that's possible!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sunday Sign and Other Ramblings

Here is a church sign from the church sign generator where you make your own! How's this for a cool church sign?

I think I am ready for cooler temps. I know I am! It's still been in the 90's. Today I mowed the lawn and used the weed trimmer and all that stuff that goes along with lawn mowing. I got smart this time and when I was using the weed trimmer I stuck an old, but clean, rag in my pocket so I could stop and wipe the sweat off my face occasionally. I hate that sweat running in your eyes and onto your lips and you get that salty taste. Don't get me wrong. I am thankful that I can still work hard enough to raise a sweat. I really hate to complain because then I feel like I'm sounding ungrateful, but I'm not. I'm just saying!
I have been busy this week trying to catch up on some things around here. I went into the filing cabinet, which runneth over, and I dug out all kinds of things to shred. I ended up with a stack about a foot high to shred and that took some time to run them all through and empty all that shredded paper. They say you are supposed to keep some documents for 7 years. Good grief. Not everyone has enough storage place for all that stuff. We sure don't. I do keep the income tax records for many years but honestly, I don't see the need for keeping everything else after a few months. I need to go through it again because I only grazed the surface.
Another thing is magazines. I get some and after I read them I hate to just toss them out. So I stack them up with the intentions of taking them to the hospital or the nursing home and leaving them there. But my stack is getting taller and taller. Then there is the stack that I haven't had time to read yet and it's getting taller and taller. No, I don't subscribe to that many either. Just seems I don't have time to read them much anymore. Well, maybe when winter comes I can catch up on them.

This is a picture I put on a post last fall, of me and all my blogging friends. You can go ahead and pick yourself out of the bunch! Heck, we are all too cute!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Gooseberry, Pincushion Flower, and Running

This is the newest critter that I brought home. This is "Gooseberry" from the farm where I feed the strays each day. This was taken down there and he got under my feet and was just so loving. It was like he was saying, "You know I love you. Please take me home with you." Well, I did and I'm not sorry either! He is so good. He has stayed right around and sleeps in his little bed on the porch every night! Miss White Lilly and Munchie of course had to hiss and act ugly towards him, but they are coming around. He loves the dog and they play regularly!!

I got this little pincushion flower at the grocery store. Isn't it cute?? I just couldn't resist. It doesn't really look real to me but it is! It's very small, as you can see how big the pot is as it's sitting in front of the coffee pot, only about 4-5 inches tall. Those little orange balls are so tiny!

Yesterday evening my great neice was running in another cross country race here, so I went to see her. She did great, coming in 4th place. She was disappointed that she didn't at least come in 3rd because then she would have gotten a plaque! I told her forget the plaque because there was about 75 runners and she came in 4th!! Mercy, I thought that was an amazing feat!!! I feel sorry for some of those little kids. We watched the boys and it was neck to neck as they came to the finish line. The one little boy that came in 2nd was crying. I felt so sorry for him! Then some of those little tiny kids out there running over a mile. I just want to scoop them up and carry them over the finish line! Some of those parents are so hard on their kids yelling at them, "Don't you stop running until you cross that finish line!" "Don't slow down!" "Keep going, you can do better!" One little girl sick and throwing up and her mother screaming at her to not stop and keep on running. Geesh, I wanted to hurt that woman. Badly.

This is my great niece heading towards the finish line.

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