Monday, July 31, 2006


I was tagged by Sandy over at Abandoned in Pasadena to do a meme of 5 things, so here goes.

5 things in my freezer

1. Schwan's Alaskan Salmon Fillets
2. Frozen shrimp.
3. Oreida's southern style hash browns.
4. Ribeye steaks.
5. Nuts (pecans, black walnuts, etc.)

5 things in my closet

1. clothes, clothes, clothes.
2. shoes, shoes, shoes.
3. makeup
4. purses
5. dog and cat medication.

5 things in my car

1. a back rest thingy.
2. sunglasses.
3. several cassette tapes (Shania Twain, The Bishops, Allison Krause, The McKaney's, Celine Dion, etc.)
4. tiny pillow for neck
5. loose change

5 things in my purse

1. Wallet
2. checkbooks
3. fingernail file
4. lipstick
5. address book

(This list could go on and on and on as my purse is really due for cleaning out!).

5 things in my wallet

1. $
2. cards (credit, debit, etc.)
3. AARP cards (Oh yeah!)
4. Senior Friends card (Oh yeah again!)
5. Emergency phone numbers.

Now how exciting was that?? Thanks Sandy!!

Friday, July 28, 2006

The Tomato Nose

We had some threatening clouds but only got a few sprinkles.

I got this tomato in some I got from the Farmer's Market. Looks like he was trying to grow a nose and did a good job of it, even if it is very pointed!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This post is Going to the Dogs

I have been doggy sitting for my neice since Thursday. Pup is in the middle. My neice's dog is the son of Pup. When they get together it is one big party for them with their constant playing and chasing each other. My throw rugs get scattered all over the place. I do love to watch them play. I think my neice and her family are coming home tomorrow but I'm not sure when they will come to get him. Last time she drove straight from the airport! She loves that dog. I told her she could just leave him here with me but she won't go for that. I know that when he goes home that they will miss each other, but they'll both settle back into their routines soon. The cat is JB. She is very old and we've had her since she was a baby. She is skinny now and very hard of hearing. She used to be petrified of the vacuum cleaner. Now I can vacuum her and she is fine with it. I think it's because she can't hear it anymore so she isn't scared of it.

Here is some other folks who are obviously fond of their dog. He seems to be watching where they are going or maybe directing them in which way the fish are??

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Creme

Today I bought a couple of small tubes of this cream called Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Creme. It is Nivea brand. It's sure got its work cut out for itself trying to work on me. The lines around my eyes look like a road map. I figure it's from all my years of laughing and squinting. I squint a lot. I laugh a lot. It says it helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin's firmness. Well, we shall see.......

I know the gals out in Hollywood use botox and collagen and all that stuff to fill in their wrinkle lines plus they get face lifts, and who knows what all. One thing for sure, the older I get the more my body parts want to sag to the south.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


I thought this sign was fitting for last week when it was so hot. (Ignore the date on the picture. It wasn't taken in January!!)

Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Cucoo is Going Bald............

Last Tuesday when I got to meet a blogging friend Abandoned in Pasadena, Sandy she had brought Cucoo along. I think he goes on many, many trips with them. I think when they are not watching he probably tries to ride alone! Yeah, that's just the way Cucoo is. She said he was getting a little bald. Probably from the wind blowing through his lavender colored hair as they cruise along the highways on the motorcycle. I mean a hair here and a hair there.....and when it's not coming back....that can lead to baldness. The antenna in the picture was kind of in the way to get a good look at him. That is Sandy holding him so he doesn't run off.

We have had a couple of storms this evening. Maybe some cooler air will be behind it? Fingers crossed!

This is a patch of tobacco right across from us as the crow flies. Probably about 2 miles I'd say. It is really pretty, so green and growing so well. You don't see as much tobacco being grown now as you used to. I sure did my fair share of work in it when I was growing up. That was enough to do me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful fun-filled weekend.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Meeting a Blogger Friend!!!

Today was great. Just great!! I got to meet one of my blogging friends. They just hopped on their motorcycle and rode here. I felt like I knew her already from reading her blog, so I had no worries! Abandoned in Pasadena (Sandy) and her husband Jimmy were just as nice of folks as you'd ever want or hope to meet.

We sat here and chatted for a long time and then I took them to Lee's Ford Marina where we ate at the Harbour Restaurant. I have mentioned that place a couple of times in my blog and she said in a comment that she wanted to go there. So I told her that they should just come here first and visit me and then we could go there together, and they took me up on it!!

It was pretty warm today but we sat outside on the deck to eat. We were the only ones brave enough to sit out there so it was real quiet and peaceful. It wasn't that bad. The deck is covered. Naturally we took pictures!
I don't know why my camera made my shirt look like this but it did. It was just a red striped shirt. She may post a better one on her site.

After we left there we went to Haney's Apple Farm. Then I drove them around some more to show them a few sights off the beaten path.

Time passed quickly and all too soon it was time to come home. Then it was time for them to leave.

Thanks for the visit Sandy and Jimmy. I had a super enjoyable day!! You are great folks and welcome here anytime!

Nothing much.

I found this at, but I'll bet it wasn't so funny to those folks. Looks like they were lucky though. How scary that must have been!

Today I am meeting a blogging friend and her husband!! Should be fun, fun, fun!!

Of course we'll both have details on our blogs!!

Hope everyone has a great day and keeps cool.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


This oak tree that is right close to the house would make a dandy giant slingshot, don't you think? Now I'm sure everyone reading this knows what a slingshot is. When we were kids it was something you naturally had to have. My Dad was always the best with a slingshot. I sure wouldn't have wanted him shooting one at me! Maybe all girls didn't have one since it was more of a boy thing, but I was always what they called a "tomboy," so I had to have one too.

Looks like this next week is going to be a hot one. Hot and humid. Be a great time to go to the beach or the lake, or the pool. Just be sure and apply plenty of sunscreen. Or just stay home with the AC on!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lord Mr. Ford

How many of you remember this song?

(Dick Feller)
Jerry Reed - 1973

Well, if you're one of the millions who own one of them gas drinking, piston clinking, air polluting, smoke belching, four wheeled buggies from Detroit City, then pay attention; I'm about to sing your song son.

Well, I'm not a man appointed judge
To bear ill-will and hold a grudge
But I think it's time I said me a few choice words
All about that demon automobile
A metal box with the polyglass wheel
The end result to the dream of Henry Ford.

Well, I've got a car that's mine alone
That me and the finance company own
A ready made pile of manufactured grief
And if I ain't out of gas in the pouring rain
I'm a-changing a flat in a hurricane
I once spent three days lost on a cloverleaf
Well, it ain't just the smoke and the traffic jam
That makes me the bitter fool I am
But this four wheel buggy is a-dollaring me to death
For gas and oils and fluids and grease
And wires and tires and anti-freeze
And them accessories, well honey that's something else
Well, you can get a stereo tape and a color tv
Get a backseat bar and reclining seats
And just pay once a month, like you do your rent
Well, I figured it up and over a period of time
This four thousand dollar car of mine
Costs fourteen thousand dollars and ninety-nine cents

Well, now Lord Mr. Ford, I just wish that you could see
What your simple horseless carriage has become
Well, it seems your contribution to man
To say the least, got a little out of hand
Well, Lord Mr. Ford, what have you done

Now the average American father and mother
Own one whole car and half another
And I bet that half a car is a trick to buy, don't you?
But the thing that amazes me I guess
Is the way we measure a man's success
By the kind of an automobile he can afford to buy
Well now, red light, green light, traffic cop
Right turn, no turn, must turn, stop
Get out the credit card honey, we're out of gas
Well, now all the car's placed end to end
Would reach to the moon and back again
And there'd probably be some fool pull out to pass
Well now, how I yearn for the good old days
Without that carbon monoxide haze
A-hanging over the roar of the interstate
Well, if the Lord that made the moon and stars
Would have meant for me and you to have cars
He'd have seen that we was all born with a parking space

Lord Mr. Ford, I just wish that you could see
What your simple horseless carriage has become
Well, it seems your contribution to man
To say the least, got a little out of hand
Well, Lord Mr. Ford, what have you done
Come away with me Lucille
In my smoking, choking automobile

That is a funny song. I was thinking about it today and comparing the difference now to how far cars have come and the price to what they were then when this song was sung in 1973. Things sure have changed in 33 years!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Isn't this a pretty colored moth? I had never seen one like it before.

It's very humid today. I finally got my lawn mower back. It's almost new and didn't want to start. I had to pull on it about 50 times to get it going. They picked it up and have had it about 2 weeks. I have tried it today 3 times and it starts wonderfully. Oh what a difference! I only had to pull it 3 times to start it the first time and once after that. :) I'm so glad they fixed it. I think it was getting too much gas because you could always smell it real strong. I figured they could adjust some thingamajig or something like that.

I got my onions all dug up. Now I hope I can find a spot to put them so they won't rot on me. Any suggestions??? All the tops have dried up and fallen off so I just have the onion like you buy in the store.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Goats, Horses, and Chickens, OH MY

Saturday I had to make a drive to Monticello, KY. I hadn't been over there in ages. It's a pretty drive. Lovely country over that way on Hwy 90. It's about 18 or so miles from here. I saw a doe and fawn by a big cornfield. They were so pretty. I didn't stop for a picture though due to traffic. I also didn't want to alarm them and maybe make them run towards the road or anything.

On the drive back I stopped at a yard sale. They didn't have much to interest me in the yard sale but they did have goats in the pasture (which was right by the part of the yard where they had the stuff put out at). I started petting the goats through the fence. The lady said, "Oh I know an animal lover when I see one." I told her I certainly was! They had 2 horses and I asked if I could pet them too. She was so nice. They let me pet the horses and I got to smell those wonderful barnyard smells. Ahhhhhh......wonderful!! First time I have been that close to a horse in ages. I do mean ages!! The girls there (who were so sweet too) carried the goats up for me to see. Naturally I took pictures. They asked me if I wanted to see the baby chicks. I would have loved to but I needed to come back home, so I declined. They invited me back to see the animals anytime. I intend to take them up on that offer VERY soon, and I'll look at those baby chicks then.

I also took this last picture which is the driveway next to theirs. Isn't that so pretty? The tall corn on each side and that lane with the trees! I just thought it was so lovely. It's prettier in person though than the picture shows.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hi Y'all

Hello blogging friends!!! I'm waving at ya!

Here I am up in the hayloft at last. Not much hay on this end. The light and red area is the top of a tractor sitting in the barn and my step daughter took this picture from the ground. There are plenty of dirt/mud dobber nests up there. That's the things on the green tarp you see.

My stepdaughter and her husband have been in to visit for a couple of days and they enjoyed going down to the old farm with me and exploring. The owner stopped by and they even got to meet him. This afternoon I took them to The Harbour Restaurant to eat. The food was great this time. It didn't taste like someone had doused it with salt! I had grilled grouper, scalloped sweet potatoes, onion rings, and a roll. And sweet tea of course! The weather was perfect today, since the cool front moved through, and we ate outside on the deck.

Here is a picture of them standing in front of the old house!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy 4th to Everyone!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. Sounds like folks around here did. Last night there was a fireworks show right below us here on the lake. The lake has been busy and the weather has been hot, so a perfect weekend to be on the lake. The newspaper said they were expecting $350,000 visitors to the area this weekend. Gee, I wonder if anyone counted.....

Tonight they had the fireworks show at the drive in, which is almost a mile from us, so I could see them from the porch as well. It is nice to be able to see them just by sitting on the porch.

I'm sure that we will continue to hear bangs as the week goes by as people continue to use up their fireworks. If only I had the money folks have spent on fireworks and booze this weekend. I'm sure I could fly all my blogging friends to one location and we could all meet and have a great mini vacation, all at my expense of course. Wouldn't that be fun!!

I haven't gotten any pictures yet from the barn where I've been feeding the cats. I did go climb up in the hayloft. There is a dead possum up there, just his poor old bones with some dried hide on it and the tail. I wonder how it got up there? I wonder if it got up there and then got sick and died? Surely no one would toss it up there. A mystery to me. But I guess I won't spend too much time trying to figure it out! I will take my neighbor with me so she can take some pictures of me in the hayloft, hopefully sometime this week.

Today I went to my nephew's house to share in the festivities for my great neices' birthday. Her birthday is the 4th but they had it today since her Dad works out of town and will be gone. They had a great meal with steaks and chicken cooked on the grill. I did take a photo of the food! She got roller skates plus some other things, but the roller skates were the big thrill for her! She will be 9. Isn't her cake pretty? Her Mom made that. She is a good cook and can decorate those cakes too. Happy 4th everyone! Let freedom ring!!

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