Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Today's Rant

With all the leaves off the trees now, this is the view of the houseboats below. I wished I could say that I owned that blue and white one down there, but I can't. Well, I could say it but I'd be lying! Actually I'd like to own any of them! They never take these boats out though. I have seen a couple take them out but rarely. They just come to visit the boats on the water and stay in them. One right below us they have some big time partying on during the summer! Last year they (2 guys) got into an argument over who had drunk somebody else's beer all up. I heard some awfully foul language. The foul language came from only one guy. The other guy answered more softly so I couldn't hear him. The women came out and got them quieted down. I was getting ready to call the water patrol on them with language like that! If they get that loud we can hear it if we're outside. Laughing and having a good time is one thing but I don't want to listen to words that no one should have to hear. That's distrubing my peace!

Last Saturday I raked leaves. I also used the blower some too. I put a gazillion over the hill. Then on Sunday my allergies were acting up something fierce. I didn't even feel like going to church.

Monday the wind blew so hard all day and then that evening we got storms and hard rain. It blew about half the leaves back up the hill and over the fence, but luckily they kept right on blowing over across the road and into the neighbor's yard and then on and on. With that wind it's no telling how far some of them went! I went down to feed the stray cats that day and I stopped to pick up another neighbor's chairs that had blown all over her driveway from her patio. One was at the edge of the road. They are those green hard plastic kind (we have some but they're white). I stacked them up and put them behind her house. Then about a mile on down I found another trash can in the road. I got it and took it down and put it on the carport. I would want someone to get my trash cans instead of leaving them in the road (if they could safely do so), so I always do it for others if I can.

Coming back from feeding the cats I saw a truck parked by the road. That particular stretch of road is a drop off cliff to a creek on one side (that feeds into the lake) and a fence with a cornfield on the other side, so it's isolated and people tend to toss their junk off there at times. These people had a sofa in the bed of the truck and he was slinging the cushions over the hill as I was approaching them. I slowed down but I was afraid to stop and tell them what I thought. They know they aren't supposed to dump stuff. It's been cleaned up several times before and they can fine you and make you clean it up if they know you did it. I did not have my digital camera with me or I would have taken a picture, but then would I? Or would I have been too scared to? There was a man and a woman. I think it was a woman, the person kind of hunkered down on the other side of the truck because they knew they were doing wrong! I could only see them looking back in my rearview mirror. I was torn between wanting to stop and get their license number but then I thought they might follow me and learn where I lived and get revenge somehow. Some people are crazy and I was alone. I thought it best to drive on. Gosh, I need to keep my digital camera with me! Of course now the sofa is turned upside down right there by the road. It makes me very angry too!

They used to have the Goodwill buildings around at the Grocery store parking lots and you could drop off stuff in them. One thing people did that made me mad was to drop off their old worn out things that they wanted rid of (like the people with the sofa), and they were worthless stuff that the Goodwill folks had to dispose of. One day I saw some guys sitting out an old couch and chair and it was raining! I wanted to stop and tell them off too, but I was afraid to. The drop off boxes aren't big enough to put furniture in. They did have a space with a door that you could have put a small chest of drawers or lamps, bookshelf, just small things. They got rid of those buildings and only have them now in front of the Goodwill stores. I heard on the news that they removed them because people were seen stealing things from them! Geesh. I don't understand people at all. I guess they never read the commandment, "Thou shall not steal."

That reminds me of a story! I used to work at a large University Hospital. This one guy I worked with he was very funny and I considered him a friend. They were doing some construction there and one day while we were going to lunch there was a little paper bag of nails sitting in a window. He stopped and looked in it and he said, "Oh I could use a few nails this size." So he got about 6 and put in his pocket. I said, "Joe, thou shall not steal!" He said, "Good grief, I take a few little nails and Rachel is quoting the commandments to me!" It was funny the way he said it! He kept the nails too.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Today's Sign

A Memory of Dad

My Dad was always one to love a joke and he enjoyed life. He said he didn't understand why some people were so gloomy all the time and looked like they had been to a weeks funeral!

This is a memory that my oldest brother recalls and this happened before I was born. At that time my parents had 2 sons. They lived in the mountains of SE KY at the time. Back then he had no car, so walking to work or anywhere was the normal thing unless you rode a mule.

This is what my brother remembers;

When I was four or five years old Dad came home from work. He had been gone for a week. Dad knew that Mom would be expecting him home around that time and would likely be on the front porch waiting for his return, and it turned out that she was. When Dad first came into our sight from behind the barn it was apparent that he wasn't acting normal. The road ran along side of the creek and as Dad made his way along he would run in fast spurts for a few steps, and then he would suddenly stop and stare into the sky for a minute or two. After seeing Dad's strange behavior Mom became alarmed. She said, "Children your Daddy is acting awfully strange. He may have gone crazy." Dad kept repeating his fast runs and sudden stops until he was within a hundred feet or so of the house. Directly in front of the house was a puddle of water about one foot deep and about 40-50 feet long. When Dad neared the lower end of the puddle of water he left the road and went up the creek. After another fast burst of speed and a sudden stop it put him at the edge of the puddle of water. After faking his blank stare into space he ran directly through the puddle of water. When he got to the other end he stopped and repeated his run back in the direction from where he had come. At this point Mom said, "Children there is no doubt that your Daddy is crazy! He has lost his mind! It is untelling what he will do next! You boys go in the house and hide under your bed!" After about the second run through the puddle Dad knew from the expression on Mom's face that his prank had been successful. It was then that he started to laugh. At first Mom was very angry and wouldn't speak to Dad for some time, however it was short lived. Mom soon gave in and admitted that she was mad but also happy to learn that Dad wasn't crazy after all!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Post Thanksgiving Weekend

I had a great Thanksgiving! I went to my nephew's. He lives about 12 miles from here. My two nephews and their families were there and my brother and his wife. We had a great time visiting and there was soooo much food. My nephew's wife is such a good cook. I know she had been so busy with all that food she had prepared. Then afterwards trying to find room in the fridge for everything! I think we pretty much decided that next year we'd just go out and eat and it'd be simpler for everyone! I was told not to bring any food, but I did take a cake over. My sister-in-law had brought 2-3 dishes plus she brought the ham.

After we ate then we all visited for awhile and then later we had coffee and dessert. There was plenty to choose from. My sister-in-law had made a whiskey cake, which I had never tried, and it was good. I had made a Double Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake, but even though it was good, it was too much chocolate for me. Then they had a pumpkin roll (which is always good), pumpkin pie (I didn't have any due to too much other stuff), a brownie cheesecake, and fudge (both chocolate and peanut butter). I'm not much on peanut butter fudge but I love chocolate fudge! Yummy stuff! So, all in all it's a good thing I wore pants that were about a size too big with an elastic waistband! I went prepared!

Yesterday was the big shopping day, but I don't get out in all that mess of people. You won't find me at the store at 4 a.m. waiting for it to open at 5 a.m. I'd have to want something awfully bad in order to do that! I know some people look forward to it and get up early and go for it with gusto! At 5 a.m. I'm sleeping soundly. I see no need to interrupt it for a few bargains with danger of being trampled in the process!

Today I raked leaves. I'm not fond of raking leaves. I was hoping the wind would blow them all back in the neighbor's yard but it didn't work out that way. I considered waiting longer but I figured if it hadn't happened by now that it wasn't going to happen. So I got out the rake and the leaf blower. I used the blower until they got too thick to blow. Then I had to rake. It was in the 60's today, so I was sweating! I also fell twice. Leaves are very slippery and easy to slide on, even when they aren't wet, and especially on a slope. It didn't help my bad knees any. I expect they'll be sore tomorrow. Sorer than usual that is.

I figure a good soak in a warm tub of water is in order tonight. That should soothe this old aching body. I wish I had a hot tub. Does anyone reading this have a hot tub? I wonder if they are hard to maintain or expensive to heat, etc. Just curious. It sounds like a luxury that I would enjoy having.

My nephew told me that he is planning on buying a houseboat. I said, "Oh boy!" In that case I better try to get my schoolgirl figure back before summer gets here!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


You've probably read this before but here goes a poem for today.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Remembering JKF, Part 2

Yesterday I said there would be a follow up of yesterday's story about JFK's assassination.

Back then we lived on a farm about 15 miles from town. Our house was about 1/2 mile off the road. We had one barn that was closer to the house where we had hay, a corn crib, a stall for the cow where she was milked or kept in bad weather, etc. There was a pig pen that was near the barn too.

Then the other barn was in a different direction, about 1/2 mile or so from the house. We raised tobacco and that was the barn where the tobacco stripping room was and the tobacco was hung to cure out. We had been stripping tobacco and had quite a bit already stripped, pressed, and ready to take to be sold.

That night while everyone was glued to their TV's watching the JFK news, there were thieves stealing our ready to go to market tobacco! The road was about 300 yards from the barn and they had parked there and carried it across the field. Back then the tobacco you grew was according to how much you were allowed, so you might be allowed an acre and a half and so you could sell as much as you wanted to. So if you had a lot of tobacco to sell folks thought you really had had a great crop that year!

I remember the guy used to come out and measure the fields and if you had over the amount you were allowed you had to get the disk harrow out and harrow it down!

Since then they changed the rules and you were allowed so many pounds instead. That cut down on the stealing.

The next morning after my Dad discovered that our tobacco had been stolen he was furious! He took a mattress to the barn that night to sleep on. He also took along his shotgun and he was hoping they would come back so he could kill the *#*$#&#'s! He was madder than a hornet! Naturally they didn't come back again. I was very glad they didn't too! I think Dad was disappointed though somewhat. He really wanted revenge on them! He always had an idea of who he thought had stolen it but he couldn't prove it. He found their tracks in the field and he said that one had a big foot and the other had a smaller foot!

So when I think of JKF's assassination I can't help but to remember that night when they stole our tobacco and how mad my Dad was!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Remembering JFK

On this date back in 1963 John F. Kennedy was assassinated. He was our 35th president. He was killed while riding in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas. I'm sure that people who were around at that time will remember where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news.
I was in grade school in the library when they announced it over the intercom. I was 9 years old. (yep, telling my age here, but that's okay!). I didn't fully grasp it at that time I guess, but I knew an awful horrible thing had happened. It also shocked the nation as well.

Tomorrow I'll have a follow up to this story, of something that happened to us that night.

So, for those old enough, where were you when you heard the news?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Snake catching class.

This afternoon I have been busy getting ready for the wintry weather they are predicting is heading our way. I don't usually like to work on Sunday but I have been procrastinating and ended up waiting until the last minute. I took my patio table and chairs from the front porch and put them in the basement. Got the wood holder out and put it on the porch. Now the wood holder is full of wood. The kindling is in a box on the porch and I'm all set to build a fire should it get too cold! Nothing like digging in the woodroom to find the pieces of wood that I want to bring up, all the while dodging spiders and watching for snakes who might be sleeping in there too. Generally I find a snake skin at least. Someone told me that snakes like to crawl through wood piles as it helps them when they are trying to shed their skin. Lots of corners and bark to help pull it off I suppose. I don't really mind the snakes as long as they're not too aggressive or poisonous.

I have found a good way to catch snakes, just in case anyone is interested in catching them! I have some of those grabber things that you use to reach something high on a shelf or you use them to pick up trash along the road without having to bend over or actually touch the stuff (that was what I originally got them for). These have a round rubber thing on each side. Just a dandy thing to pick a snake up with and it won't hurt them. At least I don't think it hurts them and I squeeze plenty hard because I don't want to drop it once I get it! I mean getting a snake like that is one thing but dropping it and maybe it going up my pant leg is quite another! That would have me losing my pants real fast I'm afraid! The first one I caught like that I got a hold too far back on the body and he wound himself all around my grabber and tried coming towards me! I leaned way over the hill and got him off onto a tree limb. Then he dropped on over the hill. So now I try to get closer to the head. They will still curl all around the grabber but the head is away from me, so that's okay.

My neighbor called me one day and she said, "What are you doing?" I said, "Well, nothing much." She said, "I mean what are you doing right now this minute? I have a snake over here and I tried to shoo it over the hill with the broom and it curled up and won't move and it's head is raised and it's licking out it's tongue at me." I said I'd be right over. I got my grabber thing and ran over there. I got Mr. Snake and picked him up and dropped him over the hill for her. She said, "That is a good thing to get them with ain't it?" (I had been telling her how dandy it was!). She thought I had real talent!

There was one early in the spring out by the side of the house, a big long black snake. I got him and dropped him over the hill. I told my husband about it and he said it'd just come back. I really don't think it would scale that cliff just to come back here! If it does I'll just get my grabber and drop it back over the cliff again! I told him he should be thankful he has a wife who isn't squeamish about snakes and such things!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Mules, my Dad, and Me

I have always loved horses and that includes mules as well. I enjoy going to horse shows and I especially like ones where they have mule classes.

When my Dad was alive he and I went as often as we could. My Dad was a lot of fun, always happy and full of life. I like to think I took after him!

These particular pictures are from a show we went to in Booneville, Ky back in the late 80's.

The picture at the bottom is me and my Dad. Don't we look alike?? Everyone says so. In the other picture the mules are not Dad's, but I asked him to pose with them! I thought all the mules were so pretty! I love their colors. These mules are always matched up so good and the harness is beautiful as well! Those memories take me back! I sure miss my Dad!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Early Thanksgiving Dinner

Last evening I was ever present watching the radar on here to see how the storms were doing. With tornados all over the place and the radar showing the lines of storms from the north US to the southern states, I thought it wise to pay close attention! Thankfully they weakened by the time they got here. We had lots of wind and anything not nailed down got tossed around good! We had lots of lightening. I heard that a church in the northern part of the county was struck by lightening and burned down overnight. So I went out this morning, to MUCH colder weather, and picked up the small limbs that it scattered over some of the lawn. It was 75 yesterday and 48 today. Big change! But it's that time of the year, so not really a surprise. I'm just thankful we didn't get the bad weather that some got.

Today our Sunday School class had our monthly dinner. We had it at one lady's house and she prepared the whole meal. She fixed us a Thanksgiving dinner. I must say it was delicious. She had plenty of food and she is a good cook! I felt like going and climbing in bed and taking a nap after stuffing myself shamelessly!! But after some coffee I managed to stay awake! I got my husband's cousin to come and stay with him while I was gone. It is nice to get out and not have to worry about him here at home alone. Then I don't feel rushed and I can relax and chat and drink coffee and visit without having to eat and run, so to speak! Sure makes it better for me.

I finally got my garage door fixed. The guys came out and I don't know what they did but I saw they had a hammer and after much beating on something, it certainly comes up now with no problem whatsoever. Glad to get that taken care of.

Hard to believe that this year is winding down and will be over before we know it. Time passes so fast. Earlier this week I saw a house with their Christmas lights all on! I feel like they are rushing things, but if they like them then that's their business. My neighbor always decorates his yard big time. He doesn't start on it this early though. I do love looking at the Christmas lights. There is another house about a mile from here that has the prettiest decorations. I mean everything has lights on it. It is the kind of place where you have to stop and just look to take it all in. It is in a subdivision and off the main drag, so stopping to stare and ohhh and ahhh is an okay thing to do! I could not begin to even guess how many lights it takes for all that. About a gazillion I'd say!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Joke Day

An aged farmer and his wife were leaning against the edge of their pig-pen when the old woman wistfully recalled that the next week would mark their golden wedding anniversay.

"Let's have a party, Homer," she suggested. "Let's kill a pig."

The farmer scratched his grizzled head. "Gee, Ethel," he finally answered, "I don't see why the pig should take the blame for something that happened fifty years ago."

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Northern or Southern?

You can go to this site and take a test to find out if you are more Yankee or more Rebel.

I was 91% Dixie!

I still find that I say a lot of those southern words that we spoke when I was growing up. Mostly we just thought of them as Hillbilly words though! We used to call a paper bag a "poke." "Grab us a poke or two and we'll go pick some mustard greens." Then there were things that you bought at the store which were called, "brought on." "Did you make that yourself Nelly?" "Oh, no it's brought on." If someone asked you how far it was to someone's house, it might be "a right smart piece," or "it's not fur at all, just a skip and a hop from here." When you went to the doctor and he asked how long you had been having the pain, you said, "Oh, it's been hurtin fur a right smart while Doc!"

I know one lady that says, "Pon my honor!" I think it must have started out as "Upon my honor." "Pon my honor children! If you all don't weed this garden the weeds is goina take over!" This wonderful lady is in a nursing home now and she stills says, "Pon my honor, they can't cook in here fit fur nothin!"

"Bless his or her heart," is another one that is used a lot. It seems an insult is softened somewhat by using "Bless their heart." Like, "Bless her heart, she is so bucktoothed that she could eat a ear of corn through a picket fence!" Or, "Bless his heart, if his brain was cotton it wouldn't be enough to make a Kotex for an ant!"

Well y'all, I'll mosey on off here fur today I reckin. Got the grits on the stove.............

Saturday, November 12, 2005

"Little Bit"

I thought I would introduce the newest addition to the family, "Little Bit." I go to an old barn and feed some stray cats every day and this was one of them. She had been hurt somehow and could hardly walk when I brought her home. She is fine now! She is such a sweet cat. If you are a cat lover then you know that each one has their own personality, and this one is a charmer!

She loves our dog and the feeling is mutual! I'm sure more pictures will appear from time to time!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Veteran's Day

I am making progress in this blogging world! Thanks to everyone for their help! I got a few links added and all on different lines now! If you have offered help then you know who you are and I just want to say, "Thank you so much!"

Veteran's Day. I don't do anything special but make sure that I have my flag out, which it is! I try to always put the flag out on all patriotic days. I am grateful to all veterans, as they have fought for the freedoms that we enjoy.

My husband was in the Navy on an aircraft carrier. He loved it! He'd live on one now if they would let us! It is amazing how large they are and all the planes landing and taking off from them. Awesome the things they can build!

I got my yearly flu shot today. Some readers may be familiar with Senior Friends. This is an organization that I got acquainted with when my husband had his first stroke. While he was in the hospital someone said that if you joined Senior Friends that you got a free meal ticket each day (worth up to $4), plus it has other perks as well. I am not quite to the age of a senior yet but my husband is, so I joined us both up. It was $25 for a year I think. Of course I was at the hospital daily, (and he was in there 52 days), so that meal ticket alone paid off in no time! They are based in the hospital and they have monthly events. A very worthwhile thing!

They give free flu shots if you are a member! I simply filled out the paperwork and mailed it in. Then today they had it all set up and folks just had to drive through the parking lot of the hospital (different times according to what letter your last name starts with, so everyone doesn't get there at the same time), and they give you the shot while you sit in your car! We call it the drive by shooting!! My arm is plenty sore too. I have been getting a flu shot now for many years.

I hope everyone had a great Veteran's Day!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Fall colors.

I finally figured out how to get a few links up (thanks Cliff). Now I can't figure out how to separate Cliff and Google!
Most of the leaves in this picture have probably fallen by now. I think this picture has some lovely colors in it. Tonight is going down to about 30 degrees so they predict.

I got my hair cut today. The woman cutting it asked if I knew I had a knot on my head with a cut! I told her I certainly did and I didn't want her to make it bleed while she was washing, drying, and styling my hair! Thankfully she didn't!

It's strange not to have hair over my ears. I always worry that a bug might fly in my ear or something. I'm sure I'll get used to it! I'll just make sure to pull the covers up over my ears at night! A friend of mine told me that her husband got one of those Japanese beetles in his ear one time!! The thought of a bug in my ear just sends shivers up my spine!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Just Call Me a Knot Head!

Today started out just dandy. Well....actually it did since I woke up alive! That's always something to be thankful for right there!

I went out early to feed the birds. I have 2 feeders that are in a Bradford Pear tree. If you are familiar with Bradford Pear trees then you know the limbs are pretty low down. I hit the top of my head on a knot on a limb and it hurt like all get out. A knot raised up and I immediately felt for blood. I found it too. The knot felt like it was big enough to ride a motorcycle around on! Ouch, that did smart. I think it jarred some of my marbles loose or muddied the water or disturbed some of the bats in the belfry......well, you get my point!!

From now on I'm going to watch out for that knot! It reminded me of when I was a kid and my brother and I was over at the barn. It was in the winter and there was huge long icicles hanging on the sides of the barn. One fell off and hit me right on top of the head! I rubbed my head and cried a little. I ran to my brother and bent over and parted my hair and had him look to see if there was any blood. He looked and said there wasn't any. I felt better then thinking if there was no blood then at least I'd live! Soon we headed for home. About the time we got to the yard I felt up there to rub the knot and my fingers came back with blood on them. I said to my brother, "I thought you said it wasn't bleeding!" He said, "Well I figured if I had told you it was bleeding that you would have cried all the way home and I didn't want to listen to you!"

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Kudzu and the Good Old Days

I really appreciate all the folks that read my blog. I am new at blogging so I have much to learn!
I want to figure out how to post a link to other blogs that I read regularly. That is just one thing of many I need to learn how to do!!

It is warm here now like summer again, except for all the leaves flying off the trees! In the wind today they were really coming down. I sat out on the porch this morning and drank my coffee. That is always pleasant!

I talked to my brother today. He said that he had just gotten back from a pleasure trip. I asked him where he had been. He said he took his mother-in-law to the airport!! I hope his wife didn't overhear that comment or he will have a lump on his head!! LOL

I'm sure that anyone from the southern states will recognize the picture above! It is kudzu, a vine that will spread like crazy and it covers poles, lines, trees, and anything in it's path if it isn't stopped! I think it's so pretty though! My Dad always liked it too, and tried to get a start of it in his back yard. My brother said, "Pappy you are crazy if you get that stuff started! It will cover your whole house!" It probably would have too, but he was never able to get it started!

My brothers always called our Dad "Pappy", but I always called him "Daddy." I was the baby and the only girl so I was pretty spoiled, and I was always "Daddy's girl!" I would much rather have been out working in the fields or helping feed the animals, gather the eggs, etc., than to be in the house! I guess I was what they called, "a tom boy!" Ah, those were the good old days!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Garage door woes.

Today is sunny and bright. My husband woke me up earlier than usual so I don't think I'm fully awake yet! This may be a day when I have to have a nap!

I am hoping the garage door people will call me today and come out and fix the garage door. It hasn't been installed that long ago and now I have to help it up sometimes. What a pain. Kind of defeats the purpose of having an automatic door opener and then I have to get out of the car and help it up! It comes up about an inch and groans and stops. Sometimes it will go ahead and with much protesting finally raise on up.

There is a squirrel in the oak tree outside the window. I love to watch them and their antics! Amazing how they can jump from tree to tree! After the wind we had over the weekend the trees are getting kind of bare, at least some of them. The yard is full of leaves, mostly from the neighbor's maple tree. They are really pretty though. I'm hoping another wind will blow them back out of the yard and I won't have to rake them!

Sunday, November 06, 2005


I went to church this morning and heard someone saying there had been a tornado overnight that touched down in northern KY and jumped the river and went into southern IN where several people were killed. I always hate to hear about tornados. In 1974 (April 3, I'll never forget that date!) our home was destroyed by a tornado. I was not home and my parents, my oldest brother and his son, all got into the cellar and were okay. It was so amazing to me that things it takes years to build can be wiped off the map in a few seconds. Ever since then I've always paid close attention to the weather when those cold fronts are moving through. If we are expecting severe storms in our area I will sit up and keep a watch on the radar, usually on the computer.

They are saying now that 16 were killed but there may be more. My heart goes out to those folks.

Friday, November 04, 2005

A Walk

Today I took a walk with Pup to the Corp of Engineers office which is just down the road from us. Once I get inside their gates then I let him off the leash so he can wander at will. This is a trail they have through the woods called "The Walnut Trail." It is named well because I never saw so many walnuts and walnut trees! This yellow popular tree is HUGE! The other picture is looking up at it!! Just a magnificant tree! They have several trees with markers since they have a lot of school kids that come to visit at times. It was a good walk and the weather was perfect!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Do Men Really Use Duct Tape to Repair Things?

Has anyone ever watched "Red Green" on public TV? He is so funny. He repairs everything with duct tape. I do mean everything! I just wonder if some men really do that! Maybe some do. Come to think of it I have seen cars with their tail lights being held on with duct tape, and very recently too!

I like what they all say at the lodge meeting, "I'm a man but I can change, if I have to." It's a corny show but it's funny! He also says, "If women don't find you handsome they ought to at least find you handy!"

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Making up stories.

In our town recently we have had some people who make up stories for one reason or the other. The first one was a woman who claimed the store she was working at had been robbed and she had been held with a knife to her throat. I'm reading this in the paper and thinking, "OMG, how horrible for this poor woman to go through something like that!" Then a week later I read in the same paper where she had made it all up because she was actually stealing money from the store and wanted to blame it on a fake robbery. Jeez. Here I am thinking how traumatized this poor woman was and she HAD MADE IT ALL UP!!!

The next one was a guy who was working as a night guard for a restaurant that will soon open. He claimed he had been robbed of his wallet one night. He also made it all up. I don't get it, other than maybe he had creditors after him and he thought that might gain him some sympathy.

Then the latest one was a woman who claimed she had been out on her porch watering her flowers around 9:30 p.m. when a man grabbed her and put a knife to her throat and had tried to cut her throat. She claimed he assaulted her and tried to rape her but she got away kicking and screaming. Her husband was quoted in the paper how he didn't feel safe living there anymore! So apparently even he couldn't tell that his wife was lying. In both of the female cases they had been taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

What is wrong with these people?? The worse thing is that while the police are working on these made up crimes they are wasting time that should be spent working on real crimes. It is very frustrating for them. I feel sorry for these people that make up such stories and yet I think they need to be given more than a slap on the wrist! I guess some do it for attention or to get someone to feel sorry for them. The next sad story I read in the paper though, I'm going to wait and make sure it really happened before I go feeling how sorry I am that they had to go through all that traumatization!!
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